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Ali Mir remembered

A seminar was held at the MAO College on Thursday to commemorate the services of great Punjabi poet, Professor Ali Arshad Mir. MAO professors and the Prof Ali Arshad Mir foundation organised the event to pay tribute to the great poet. Three professors read their research papers on the poet and threw light on his various contributions.
Prof Amjad Ali Shakir said Arshad’s poetry gave voice to the inner expressions of the underprivileged, labour class, and highlighted the sacrifices of the great resistance movements of the subcontinent. Professors Burhan and Zubair also read their research papers.
Arshad was an epic Punjabi poet who died on October 16, 2008.

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  1. massub said:

    i dnt know him but know his son, he is my friend merely by looking at my friend I can say with certainity he would have difinately been a gentleman. rest in peace.

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