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Notification of two weekly offs issued

The federal government has issued notification of two weekly offs with effect from October 15.
According to the notification issued by the Interior Ministry, it has been decided in the federal cabinet meeting held on October 12 that 5-day working week shall be observed in all public/ private offices entities under the federal government.
It has also been said in the notification that selected operational branches of commercial banks shall, however, continue to work on Saturdays to facilitate the corporate customers and businesses in their financial transactions.
Office timings will be observed from 8:00am to 4:00pm from Monday to Friday. However, lunch/Friday prayer break will be observed from 12:30 to 2:00pm.

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  1. kamran shaikh said:

    dear sir it will b a kind favour if u give 3 days holiday including friday bcz the work done by govt offices in a weak is same as for 5 days and same work done in 5 days can b done in 4 days so it is highly recomended for 1 more holiday it will b useful for us in saving electric as well as saving entertainment bills of officers saving pol and many other savings for our country,also reduce petrol alloted to officers for further details kindly contact me thanks

  2. noor said:

    this is not solution of the energy problem. because ………………..

  3. Talha said:

    Dear Mr. Kamran Shaikh: Why only reduce the work days? Why not take away the huge amounts of salaries we pay to them every month from which even a child cannot buy candies? Why not take away the lavish buildings with all its posh infrastructure which is so good that it reminds of Beirut or Gaza? Why not take away BMws we have awarded them as these vehicles can hardly move a mile? But why stop at that, why not kill them en masse because how are they surviving and breathing in the air?

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