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NTC seizes police HQ in Gaddafi hometown

Libya’s National Transitional Council combatants celebrated Tuesday as the new regime seized the police headquarters in the centre of Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown Sirte after the toppled leader’s loyalists deserted it. They then proceeded to ransack the centre and destroy posters of the fugitive Gaddafi they found inside. This was in contrast to Monday, when the NTC forces were pounded with rockets and gunfire as they battled Gaddafi loyalists, street by street, in the Mediterranean city: they met no resistance at all on Tuesday as they edged into the city centre. An advance force of about 30 fighters checked each house as they moved forward from the city’s east early Tuesday, kicking in doors and giving each other cover from possible snipers hidden on rooftops, reports said.
Clothing abandoned by soldiers and remains of meals were found in some of the buildings.
The fighters became more cautious once they reached the city centre, sticking to its edges for fear that snipers were lying in wait inside and on top of the many tall buildings. They then converged on the police headquarters, expecting a battle but found it deserted. On Monday NTC troops captured Sirte’s showpiece conference centre, university campus and hospital, AFP correspondents said. The NTC fighters had besieged Sirte from September 15 before on Friday launching what they termed a “final assault” that has seen at least 70 of their fighters killed and hundreds wounded, according to medics.

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