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NIWC to monitor implementation of anti-harassment legislation

NIWC to monitor implementation of anti-harassment legislation

The National Implementation Watch Committee (NIWC) on Tuesday decided to undertake ‘random monitoring visits’ to different educational institutions, private sector organisations, government organisations, civil society organisations and international non-governmental organisations to ensure

US pressure is undue

This is with reference to President Obama’s press conference on 6 Octonber in which he warned “US will not feel comfortable in a long-term strategic relationship with Pakistan, if it didn’t protect

Critic mentality

Let’s accept it; we the citizens of this country have at least one thing in common. That is to criticise the government’s administration bodies to the limit and why shouldn’t we? What

Containers missing

Every day we hear bad news about Afghan transit containers being stolen or disappearing from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). When this issue was first highlighted last year, FBR made many

Combating terrorism

The recent performance of Islamabad police deserves appreciation as they have been successful in preventing a series of terrorist plots in the outskirts of the capital city. They have recovered large caches

A lurking threat

Chaudary Aslam, the SSP Crime Investigations Department, already came under attack when his house was severely damaged supposedly by the TTP in Defence area of Karachi. However, there is a list of

Solution, not discussion

Our news channels are giving prime time to the political discussion. Many of the politicians appear there to represent their parties. And they blatantly favour their masters without realising the facts. Hardly

Why being defensive

Why, we in Punjab are so defensive on the subject of Kalabagh dam, as if it is for Punjab only. Sindh needs it more, not having the useable ground water that Punjab

Birds of a feather

It is said that the birds of a feather flock together. It is not more true than the latest resolve of PML(Q) to fight the next election in collusion with the PPP.

Children rights

Millions of children remain homeless without care and protection. Simply passing a law is, therefore, not enough; it must be backed up with an ongoing educational and awareness raising initiative, capacity building,