Rehman Malik to get PhD for peace tomorrow | Pakistan Today

Rehman Malik to get PhD for peace tomorrow

Interior Minister Rehman Malik will be conferred an honorary doctorate tomorrow for “bringing peace” to Karachi, a private TV channel reported on Monday.
Earlier, Karachi University Vice Chancellor Pirzada Qasim has confirmed to reporters that the award will be given to the minister for his “services to bring peace to Karachi”.
President Asif Ali Zardari has also made a similar discovery on August 14 by conferring the Nishan-e-Imtiaz on Malik. Nishan-e-Imtiaz is a national civil award for recognising an individual’s outstanding achievement or services for the country.

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  1. Jamil said:

    Seriously youth of KU must raise there voices against this. Everyone knows what he did, what he is doing and what he deserves.

    • Kotai said:

      Jese hamare Aimal wese hamare Hukmiran; "Ikhtiar, Taqat Aur Dolat Milney Per Log Badaltay Nahi, Balkeh Be-Naqab Hotey Hain"

    • Anon said:

      Dr. Quasim thinks your expectation is a national security concern.

    • -imran said:

      i guess this is our gov.t's new educational plan!! they think they can raise literacy rate by doing such bloopers!!

  2. Saad Ilyas said:

    yar is ka koi bodygaurd hi is ko mar de, hazaroon bande marwa kar karachi k hud ab PhD leta phir rha hai.

  3. Muhammad Usman said:

    and my whole life I’ve been complaining that there should be an alternative way to studying, Thank you Rehman Malik!

  4. Anon said:

    Well, he is a man "Piled Higher and Deeper" – PhD in short…

  5. Awais said:

    Senator, Nishan e Imtiaz and now a Phd. Dr Rehman Malik, Pakistan's very own Inspector Clouseau does it again!

  6. Mudasar said:

    I hate the VC of KU.. WTF is this….Aik bar pir pure nation ka sar sharam se jukh gia…

  7. M.Umar said:

    i cant understand wht is going on…

    really disappointing if this happening…:(

    • Anon said:

      Small correction: 'comatosed' (not fully dead yet and wish to come back alive with such good act as awarding PhD to Malik).

    • Anon said:

      What do you mean? He is a PhD from Karachi, I told you, and there would be more in the coming days.

  8. Ali said:

    You HYPOCRITE PAKISTANI's Please have some sense and thankfulness in yourself….!!
    YOU looser never stay satisfied no matter what!!!!
    His efforts are seen happening in the form of PEACE in the streets of Karachi….
    dont try to define the world sitting you butts on your cozy seats….get out and face the music and experiences the change.

  9. Hamza Azhar said:

    Giving PhD to such a person who is a minister of Islamic republic of Pakistan , who cant even recite surah Ikhlaas. this man is a joke. n its a stupidity to award such a honourable degree to him. truely disappointed.

  10. zaib alam said:

    IF peace is achieved by Rehman Malik?????? He must be punished for not doing this for so many years.

  11. abid Hussain said:

    uffffffffffffffffff mai kahan jaon, itna bara zulum pakistan k saat

  12. observer from UK said:

    What a waste of of Doctorate. A person who is an agent of an ethnic and linguist and terrorist outfit is being awarded a Doctorate on the behest of Ishratul Ibaad in recognition of his services rendered to Altaf Bhai,

  13. SMAKS said:

    its a big joke for this year…dakoon ke Govt. mein luchoon lafango he medal deya jatein hein….. Allah Pakistan ke hifazat karey AMEEN…..!!!!!

  14. Khabeer ul Tanwir said:

    This is not a PhD in peace tomorrow……… but PhD in peace ko maroo……. (kill the peace)

  15. Fahad Zafar said:

    Before awarding Ph.D to Rehman malik, we should ask him what Ph.D stands for……….. …….

  16. Tariq said:

    This shows the abyss society has fallen into. Pakistan's woes are not without reason.

  17. mrs aazar said:

    bayshram, behay,a bewaqoof,….. kuch hi ilfaaz jo izzat say in sahib kay liaye istimaal ho saktay hain

  18. Muhammad Abbasi said:

    Rehman Malik Syeb,
    The Corrupt PTCL Murree has closed our Telephone Exchange from the last three months.This exchange was installed 16 years ago.Who will solve our problem no body from PTCL cares.Save Pakistan Movement Appeals the President/Prime Minister of Pakistan for issuance of orders to Restore this Telephone Exchange Number 607 Kashmiri Bazar Murree.

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