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Petrol or gold?

The aim of this letter is to draw the attention of the authorities who are responsible for the circulation of petrol. These days, the high prices of petrol are a huge problem for the people who have vehicles. Even the fares of the buses are not reasonable for passengers. People spend hundreds of rupees to travel daily to school, workplaces, business and other routine works. With the high population rate of the country, petrol is scarce and expensive and people are compelled to buy it at a high price regardless of what ever the suppliers charge them because they don’t have other choice or alternative.
CNG is an alternative but it is not very economical as well. When there is a strike and petrol pumps are closed, the people are stranded in different locales of the city and vehicles rendered immobile. This is also an issue as well. People fear that one day petrol is going to be a rare item like gold. People wait for hours in some cities just to take sufficient amount of petrol to spend the day. I request the government and responsible authorities to do something about the soaring prices of petrol and make it convenient for people who use vehicles.

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