Nineteen thousand Pakistanis killed in terrorist attacks: Marc Grossman | Pakistan Today

Nineteen thousand Pakistanis killed in terrorist attacks: Marc Grossman

USA special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Affairs, Marc Grossman has admitted that number of Pakistani civilians killed in terrorist attacks since 2003, is just enormous at Nineteen thousand.
During his recent interview, he cites this as an important implication that extremism and terrorism was a threat to Pakistan; as it was equally to Afghanistan, and United States: stressing that a joint effort on behalf of all three countries should be able to work together deal with this problem.
He said that Pakistan and USA were trying to seek conducive course of action to safeguard mutual interests, as equally stressed by USA President Obama about importance of Pakistanis focusing in on the terrorist question besides the need for engagement between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Replying to a question, he rejected the notion that Pakistan Army and other institutions in Pakistan were funded by USA (using USA aid) to kill Afghanis through ‘Haqqani Network’. He said that Pakistan had some very important work to do in the anti-terrorism area.
He said that it was true with the ‘Haqqani network issue’, but this should not be of any great surprise, because extremism and terrorism were undoubtedly a threat to Pakistan and as expounded by President Obama, Secretary Clinton and other leaders in the United States and Pakistan had to do some work counter-terrorism.
Marc Grossman outrightly rejected the recently convened APC (All-Party Conference) as purely a Pakistani issue, stressing that Pakistani parliamentarians, members of civil society , masses should realize that terrorism and extremism were a threat against them; considering massive civilian/military losses.
Reminding that Pakistan and the United States actually have collaborated extremely effectively on the question of al-Qaida, he quoted what President Obama stated on numerous occasions about an effective campaign against Al-Qaida terrorists in Pakistan, compared to other countries.

He was confident that government of Pakistan did recognize the threat of extremism and terrorism and would resolve the issue.

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