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Shifa International Hospital CEO passes away

The president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Shifa International Hospital, Dr Zaheer Ahmed passed away here on Friday. He was and was 63. He had been suffering from brain haemorrhage and was under treatment far the last one week.
Dr Zaheer was one of the founders of Shifa Hospital and was 63-year old. He suffered from brain haemorrhage last week during a ceremony. He was taken to the ICU of Shifa Hospital where he was kept on ventilator. The funeral prayers for Dr Zaheer Ahmed were held in Sector H-8 cemetery on Friday.

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  1. Hasnain Raza Khan said:

    Allah un par apna bahut bahut rehm kry aur un ko Jannat-ul-Firdus mein jaga day, Ameen…!!!

  2. Shahid Malik said:

    Surely, we belong to Allah and to Him is our return. May he rest in peace. Aameen.

  3. zubair said:

    Allah un ko janat ul firdoos ma jaga ata farmayi
    bht neek or achi insan ti Allah un par apni rahmat ata farmayi un ki is nayi zendagi ma jo na khatam honi walie ha

  4. Muhammad Saeed said:

    Dr. Zaheer Ahmed was a great man. That was a man who really worked for Pakistani sick people and give state of the hospital where a poor mand and a rich man treated equally with the help of Shifa Foundation. It was a greate loss for Shifa and Shifa Family. All Emplyee of Shifa is very said on his death and prays for him. God may his soul rest in peace. Ameen

  5. Shakil Jillani said:

    It is indeed shocking to hear about Dr. Zahir Ahmed passing away. I can recall my meetings with him when this hospital was under construction and found him to be very professional in his work but more than that he had a soft and kind heart to help others.

    Shifa International is all about his vision and dedicated efforts to fulfil his long life ambition.


  6. m.usman dar said:

    usman dar.dr.Zaheer was really a visionary man.He was a man who worked for poor students day and night.Thousands of students at Tameer-i-Millat city of education are praying for Dr sahib.May Allah shower his blessings upon him for ever.Ameen

  7. Mushtaq Hussain said:

    We all are from Allah and we have to go to HIM, sooner or latter.
    Really he was a great man with great achievements. May Allah bless him with countless blessings.

  8. mohammad irfan rao said:

    may allah give him place in jannah he was a great man in shifa building his efforts will always remember i met him first time in ksa in 1993 that time he launching shifa compaign in ksa with azmat ullah qureshi that time i see his efforts struggle hardworking for shifa he work for great cause like health and education his efforts tree now giving fruits for whole pakitanie community may allah blessings on u curage to yr family to face this sad incidents

  9. Aqib Nazir said:

    Indeed we are really shocked after hearing the sad demise of such a great personality. We have only one Dr, Zaheer Ahmed in Pakistan who sacrificed his life for this nation. He was a pioneer and founder of Shifa Int''l. Hospital and also highly commendable services in education. He has brought a revolution in healthcare industry in the form of Shifa Int'l. and in education sector in the form of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation where thousands of children getting education. It is indeed a great SADQA -E- JARIYAH. May Allah rest his soul in good Heaven and give courage and confidence to shifa family and his bereaved family and relatives to fortitude this irreparable loss. We do pray also for the Shifa Hospital and Tameer e Millat and other sister concerns that May Allah prosperous these all institutions and these should grow longer and longer, in order to fulfill the dream of Dr Zaheer. With these institutions, as long as the people will get benefits, the returns and the virtues will go in his account Insha Allah. May Allah bless him, Aameen! Sorrowful Aqib Nazir

  10. Abdul Aleem said:

    Big loss for pakistan He was great leader May Allah bless him

  11. Asia shahid said:

    It was a great shocked for me to hear that my boss has passed away "May Allah bless him Amin", He was a nice & great person,I never forget him in my daily prayers inshallah, he creates job opprotunities for thousands of people, and this is called " Sadiqa-e-Jaria" that will give him "Sawab" forever inshallah.

  12. Mudassar Bukhari said:

    Big loss for Pakistan He was great leader May Allah bless him!

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