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Rallies for Qadri’s release

Hundreds of people staged rallies across the country on Friday demanding the release of Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, a police commando sentenced to death for killing governor Punjab Salman Taseer.
Anti-terror court found Qadri guilty of murder and sentenced him to death.
Qadri confessed to shooting Taseer, a member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), outside an upmarket coffee shop close to his residence in Islamabad on January 4.
He said he objected to the politician calling the blasphemy law as “Black Law” and amending it. On Thursday he filed an appeal against his death sentence.
About 1,000 people gathered at Islamabad’s main Aabpara intersection demanding Qadri’s release.
The protesters chanted slogans such as “Qadri is hero” and “We salute his courage”. They called for Qadri to be released immediately and shouted: “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the honour of the Prophet Mohammad.”
Rallies were also held in several other cities including Karachi, Quetta, Multan and Rawalpindi, where witnesses said protesters blocked roads by burning tires.
Religious parties had called for shops and markets to shut down in protest at Qadri’s incarceration, but reports said the call was not heeded, with establishments in most areas remaining open.

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  1. Waqar said:

    These bunch of ignorant,religious fanatics are on streets for a man who is a religious fanatics just like them, blasphemy law is “Black Law” ,a man made law.

    Pakistan needs to spread modern secular education aggressively in the country.Religion and politics must be separated,tear down MADRASSA and parents should send their children to schools.

    • Jawad Quadri said:

      blasphemy law is "Black Law" (This is extreem blasphemy sentence) how you can say could you please provide some proof from quran and sunnah? Also its not men made law its implemented by men, however its made by Allah just go and read quran kareem

  2. Aftab Kenneth Wilson said:

    A strong message to international community about our mindset about killers. This is the only reason why we are seen as suspects at all levels.

  3. Shahid Malik said:

    Blasphemy law enacted by Zia is a black law. We are living horrible legacy of that despotic military dictator who used and abused the name of Islam to keep his grip on power. Our great Holy Prophet PBUH never bothered about any contemptuous remarks. He was far above such matters. The case of today's mullahs is quite different. They thrive on creating issues out of non-issues. They are a bunch of characterless people whose bread and butter is dependent on misleading innocent muslims. Their character can be judged from the fact that they do not even offer prayers without a salary & plenty of chandas. Allama Iqbal very rightly said : DIN-I-MULLAH FASAAD FI SABILILLAH. Let us be clear about one thing. As long as we do not clean our society of the scum called mullahs, we have no future.

  4. Ashfaq said:

    no body have rights to abuse on my Beloved Prophets. Only those people feared who want to say abusing talk on that issue.

    keep remember
    It will war against some people who want to abuse on Prophets of Allah.

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