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The Controversy Express

Shoaib Akhtar, once the fastest bowler of the world, has created ripples by pointing fingers towards various sacred cows of the cricketing world. As usual, the controversial charismatic personality of Pakistani cricket has said something that has annoyed various people. The dove-eyed bowler has made certain revelations which are indeed eye-openers for others.

Talking about the rot in Pakistani cricket, he criticises seniors in these words “Our seniors set the example of going out, having a good time… But when one of the seniors became our coach, he preached what he never practised in his own time.”

Similarly, he has unleashed anger against Wasim Akram. We all know that Akram was fined heavily under Justice Qayyum report. The all rounder was always a suspect for match fixing and bringing politics inside the dressing room.

Some TV footage also ratifies his abusive language on the field and uncalled for behaviour. Criticising Indian cricket god, Sachin and top-order batsman Rahul Dravid was interpreted as a marketing gimmick to sell the book but the same has backfired, as news reports say that ordinary readers in India have put off his book for being averse to Indian cricketers.

Low sales have been reported in big cities of India. A low price Urdu edition may sell like hot cakes in Pakistan.

In the nutshell, the auto biography has mixed blend and flavor. Some people are of the view that Shoaib should not have washed his dirty linensin public as it has, to some extent, tarnished his heroic stature in public. The Rash driver, aka Rawalpindi express has rashly hit various people of cricket.



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