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Fashionably late SRK apologises to media

He may be the Bollywood Badshah, but Shah Rukh Khan’s late coming at events has always got a thumbs-down from the media. The 45-year-old is trying to make amends – he has apologised and promised henceforth to pre-inform organisers as well as the media about his delays. In the past, Shah Rukh has been late for several events, and at an event in New Delhi, he came four hours late. The superstar has continued his late coming habit while promoting his forthcoming mega-budget superhero film ‘Ra.One’ as well. At a recent event to announce his collaboration with You Tube for ‘Ra.One’, he reached three hours late, and, for a Nokia event in Mumbai Wednesday, he made the media wait for over two-and-a-half hour before turning up. When asked if he would ever come on time, Shah Rukh said: “No! Actually I would like to, but you know what happens…I am right now in the middle of a lot of work. So I slept at 11 in the morning and I need to sleep a couple of hours. So I really apologise…Mujhemaafkardo (Please forgive me).” Media-persons were quite blunt in their request to the actor to inform them of his delays through the event organisers in future, so that they do not waste their time waiting for him. “I am extremely sorry. I apologise for being late and next time I will make sure the information is passed on to everyone. I think it deserves an apology first. So I say sorry, and I’ll make sure the information is reached out to everyone next time,” he added.

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