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US using Pakistan as a ‘scapegoat’

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Hina Rabbani Khar said on Saturday that US charges about Pakistani involvement in last week’s attack on the American Embassy in Kabul flow from Washington’s desire to use Pakistan as a scapegoat for the success or lack of it in the fighting in Afghanistan.
In an interview aired on CBS television network, she denied “absolutely and unequivocally” the allegations by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, that the ISI was helping militants attack U.S. targets inside Afghanistan.
She said that the reaction among the people of Pakistan over statements by Mullen and other US officials was “exceptionally hostile.”
“We are part of the solution,” Khar said. “We are not part of the problem. And if you continue to drive us in the other direction, unfortunately, you will not only alienate the government of Pakistan, which is reaching out to you, which has been a worthy ally. I’m more concerned you will [alienate] the 180 million Pakistanis that your government always talks about reaching out to.”
Asked about the possibility of American troops crossing into Pakistan to fight the militants, the foreign minister said that there are red lines and rules of engagement with America, which should not be broken.
“It opens all kinds of doors and all kinds of options,” she said. Khar, however, insisted that Pakistan’s policy was to seek a more intensive engagement with the US and that she would like to discourage any blame game.
ON MSNBC, she questioned why Mullen and other US officials in the midst of this war on terror “want to create scapegoats, because success as we perceived it may not be coming.” If such public recriminations continued, she said, “Then we would all lose out.”

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  1. Ali Awan said:

    ye chiz …… pakistan should take some siriouse steps against america…they are no more our friends……..

  2. Truth said:

    Well done Ms Khar. Stand up and speak for Pakistan. You will be earning the respect not only of your own people but I tell you of people all over the world. Good job and keep it up.

  3. Shahid Malik said:

    It is time to show national solidarity. We must stand united. Only then, it will be possible to deal firmly with present American onslaught. The problem of American leadership is that elections are round the corner. Obama's performance to solve economic problems and win war in Afghanistan is pathetic. We are being made scapegoats. If America lost less than 3,000 people on 9/11, we have lost more than 35,000 precious lives. Our poor economy has suffered irreparable loss. Unfortunately, history is full of American betrayals.

  4. Amjad Malik said:

    APL statement on US-Pak stand off
    “Pakistani qaum puramman hey aur puri dunya mein dehshat gardi key khilaaf hey aur dehshat gardi key waqeaat Ki sakht muzammat kartey hein.
    Pakistani America sey Jang nahein chahtey Lekin mulki salamati aur khud mukhtari par koi samjhota Na karein gey aur Na hi kissi ko karney dein gey.
    Hakoomat e Waqt adaroon sey mashawarat ko waseeh karey aur awami ummangoon par mabni parlimaan ki ijtimaee sauch key zariey qaumi laiah Ammal tashkeel dey. Parlimaan mulki simmat ka taeaan karey jis par sab ka itiffaq ho.
    Mulki salamati key adarey jarheat ka jawab jarheat sey deney key liey 24 ghentey tiar rahein.
    Ab dunya ko faisalakun ghadi mein yeh faisla karna hey key dehshat gardi Ki Jang mien pakistanion Ki qurbanion ko nazarandaaz karkey akelley aagey badhna hey yaa pakistan ko saath ley kar chalna hey. Pakistan key liey yaktarfa dictation par chalna buhat mushkil aur mulki salamati par buhat bhaari sabbit hoga.
    Barrister Amjad Malik
    Chairman Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)
    25 Sept 2011

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