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CDA yet to establish new vegetable market

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has not yet materialised its two-year-old plan of constructing multipurpose fruit and vegetable market in the federal capital at Sangjani, creating several problems for the citizens.
“The CDA planned to construct a multipurpose fruit market in the city two years ago. Under the plan, the new market would spread over 55 acres of land. The authority also prepared the PC-1 of the project worth Rs 2 billion. Under the plan, it was decided that the market would be designed on modern lines and have a proper cold storage system, ensuring quality of fruits and vegetables even in extreme summer season”, an official said.
The official said the CDA’s directorate concerned had not yet hired a constructer to launch the project for various reasons. The high-ups of the CDA focused on the projects which easily attracted attention of government functionaries such as construction of roads and highways, he added. “The inordinate delay in the execution of the project will not only increase the cost of the project but also further increase miseries of the citizens,” he feared.
The official revealed the consultant had designed construction of warehouses, ice factories and sale points for refrigerated trailers, growers’ exhibition area, packing facilities, weighing bridges, trading halls or blocks, a small automobile workshop and auction platforms. The market would also have a mosque, restaurants and an administrative block with a conference room and public toilets, he said.
The CDA official said it had also been decided that an integrated solid waste management system would be established to ensure clean and healthy environment in the market. Under the plan, a petrol and CNG station would also be set up to facilitate the citizens, he added. He further revealed that the consultant had also planned an elaborate water supply and a drainage system. The design of the market also included construction of a proper parking place for the visitors, he said.
The CDA had also made a plan to open small wholesale fruit and vegetable markets in various residential sectors. The official disclosed that absence of proper solid waste management in the existing market was not only causing hygiene problems but also affecting business of fruit sellers. “For lack of proper system, garbage heaps and stinking rotten fruits and vegetable are seen everywhere in the market,” he said.

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