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Govt’s negligence multiplies flood loss

After the last year devastating floods, government neither could take preventive measures nor could it prepare for preventing the calamity again. If government would have been taken concrete steps, the volume of prevailing loss might be reduced to some extent.
This was said by representatives of civil society Jami Chandio, Rafiq Memon and Sawar Bari during a press conference at National Press Club here on Wednesday. They said that only 8 millimeter rain in Sindh had left some 8 million people shelter less.
They said that some 20 million women had been forced to live in the tents, whereas same number of children was waiting for death due to scarcity of food, clean water and lack of healthcare facilities.
They said that 22 districts of Sindh province had been affected due to floods out of which 10 were declared disaster-hit districts, whereas some 1.3 million houses were destroyed.
They said the economy of the province also became unstable as 88 percent of cotton crop, 22 percent of rice cultivation and 78 percent of vegetables yield had been destructed in Sindh.
They said that NDMA and other relief agencies were useless as they had neither any authority nor any fund. As a matter of fact, these departments were the unattended children of the government that always waited for foreign aid, they added.

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