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Man survives throat slit, reveals identity

A young man, who was found with his throat slit open and hands tied at the Qartaba Chowk last week, miraculously survived after an operation at Services Hospital on Sunday, and revealed his identity to Pakistan Today as Joseph Younis, approximately 25 years old.
Unidentified men had tortured and left Joseph in the bushes on the green belt located on a junction where Ferozepur Road meets Jail Road. Joseph had been left to bleed to death with his throat slit open and hands tied. The police have not yet reached a breakthrough as the victim can not speak since his windpipe had been slit.
In an exclusive meeting with Pakistan Today, the victim revealed his name after the doctor gave him a pen and a paper. The man wrote in English. In vague handwriting, he wrote that his name was Joseph Younis. The doctor then asked where he resided, to which he wrote 375 R Block Model Town.
When the doctor inquired about the incident, he wrote a vague note out of which only two words are readable: “Sunny Earnest”.
“It’s nothing less than a miracle,” said a doctor on duty in the surgical ICU. Doctors claimed that three-fifth of his neck, which includes the trachea (windpipe, which was cut completely) and some part of oesophagus (food pipe), was sliced by the criminals. But after an extensive surgery at Services Hospital on Saturday night, the man was declared out-of-danger but was shifted to the Surgical ICU, while maintaining a strong surveillance.
“He can’t speak because of the depth of the cut, and due to the nature of the injury, we are advised to keep a close eye on him,” said the doctor. He said that his condition could flip back in danger without any warning. The doctors said that it could take several weeks before the man could start talking again as the cut was almost 1 inch deep. He said that the victim was still critically injured and would remain under surveillance until he was completely out of any threat.
HISTORY: At around 8:20pm a call was received by the police from the Rescue 1122 staff. They informed the police that a man was found with his hands and feet tied together and his neck sliced open. “He was lying in his own blood,” said Sardar Jamil, the investigating officer of the case from the Lyton Road Police Station. He said that the Rescue 1122 staff, after completing procedural steps, rushed the man to the hospital where the doctors after hard work finally declared him out-of-danger.
Sardar Jamil, the investigation officer, while talking to Pakistan Today, said that the man was still unidentified; neither any credentials were found from his pocket nor anyone came to ask about him. While answering a question, the IO said that the claimant of the FIR was Sub Inspector Khurshid Alam from the Lyton Road Police Station.

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