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India remakes ‘Dhoop Kinare’

Pakistani TV series ‘Dhoop Kinare’ was the rage on both sides of the border during the 1980s and Sony is trying to cash in on the popularity of the hospital romance with its new show ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’, an adaptation of the play featuring Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan.
The theme of ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’ is the same and so are the characters. While the role of Dr Ahmer Ansari will be played by Mohnish Behl, TV actress Kritika Kamra will enact the role of Dr Zoya.
Kamlesh Pandey, who scripted ‘Rang De Basanti’, is re-writing the script to strike a chord among the audience of both countries. He said that the biggest challenge for the writer was to do justice to the characters and the story, which was originally written by Haseena Moin.
“I feel writing for television is the biggest challenge for any writer. And though I love TV so much, but off late, I was pained to see the kind of serials and reality shows that have flooded the small screen,” Pandey said.
“When, I was offered to re-write this serial, I was in a fix. First, to adapt the storyline of a serial which has been appreciated so well is a task in itself. Secondly, to do justice to the original story of Haseena ji was the biggest challenge,” he added.
Promos of the show are already generating curiosity among people and Sneha Rajani of Sony Entertainment Television feels the show will help the channel to strengthen its position in the market.
“We are primarily focussing on fiction shows, but they have to be fresh and simple. So, after audiences accepted ‘Bade Acche Laggte Hai’ and ‘Saas Bina Sasural’, we wanted to further strengthen our position,” said Rajani, Sony’s senior executive vice president and business head.
Set in a hospital, the Indian remake is a love story of two doctors from two different generations – Ashutosh (Mohnish), a 38-year-old surgeon is married to his duty and is a disciplinarian, while Nidhi Verma (Kritika) is a 24-year-old carefree, jovial, MBBS graduate. The show depicts how they get attracted to each other but are unable to express their feelings because of the huge age difference.
The show premiers October 3 and it will run Monday to Friday at 8pm.


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  1. sikander said:

    i hope they will do justice with the story and will not take it for long period which is now become a fashoin in india

  2. Meher Bajwa said:

    The serial started off well, but now it’s dragging a bit too far, as is always the case with all indian soaps. It seems as if now they hv got nothing to do with the hospital anymore. Well, it prooves that Haseena apa is Haseena apa & no one 4m across the border cn come upto her level. Now my appreciation for Dhoop Kinare has grown even more. The cast & acting was excellent, whereas in the indian version, everyone is overacting.

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