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Book on philosophy of history launched

The National Language Authority (NLA) arranged on Friday the launching ceremony of Ashfaq Saleem Mirza’s book titled “Falsafa-e-Tareekh—Nau-Abadiat aur Jamhuriat.” The book is a compilation of essays which Mirza has written during his career spanning over more than 50 years. The book discusses the history of Pakistan and its different aspects including democracy.
NLA Chairman Dr Anwar Ahmad, who was the chief guest of the event, said the readers in Pakistan had no interest in books written on the basis of philosophy.
“Our people are more interested in poetry but they always seem reluctant to read books based on philosophy perhaps it deals with reality and introduces new trends by breaking away from the shackles of tradition,” he added. He said that writing such books was taken as a rebellion in Pakistan and Mirza had committed it.
Ashfaq Mirza in his brief speech said the very basis of the creation of Pakistan was based on a historical perspective. He said he was just a student of history.
“Some of essays in my new book had also been part of earlier book. Since writers of backward countries like ours could do nothing except writing,” he added. He said that if writing on the basis of history was a crime he had committed one. Mirza’s book covers different aspects of history and democracy especially with reference to Pakistani perspective.
The theme of the book centres around the question as to why even after passing of 56 years, Pakistani is facing multi-faceted challenges with no solutions in sight.
Mirza contends in his book that no one, including political parties or scholars have solution of the crises being faced by the country. The speakers on the occasion highlighted different aspects of the poet. Renowned writers, poets and scholars including Masood Mufti, Dr Jaffar Ahmad, Fehmida Riaz, Ayesha Siddiqua, Dr Ravish Nadeem and Dr Mubarik Ali were present on the occasion.

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