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Sewage issues

I have been living in Karachi for 19 years. It was called the city of lights and opportunities. Since that time, I have observed one particular problem that has not yet been solved. It’s not traffic, it’s not pollution; it’s the sewage problem.

It seems gross when I see sewerage water on main roads and pedestrian paths. People must feel disgusted and they must put the blame on the government, but it’s not all government’s fault. It’s the sweepers who block the sewerage lines on purpose to earn money. Sewerage water gets mixed with water supply lines as well, causing diseases.

Sewerage system is the worst in Lyari and Bath Island. The system here is either non-existent or in dilapidated condition. The politicians of the area promise the Lyari people that they’ll solve problems of that area and make it like heaven for everyone. But, those promises remain a promise and no one acts on them once they are in power.

If government’s attitude remains like this, there is no chance life could be easier for the residents of the area.



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