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President appeals to UN chief for help to flood affectees

President Asif Ali Zardari has appealed to international community for providing assistance to the millions of people affected by the severe and relentless spell of monsoon rains. The unprecedented rains in the area have affected millions of people besides causing huge damage to livestock and standing crops.
President Zardari, on Thursday, telephoned UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and urged the UN to launch an international appeal for humanitarian assistance to the flood victims in Pakistan. He said that damage to crops particularly cotton has also been colossal.
The president called for an urgent appeal for international humanitarian assistance by the UN. In the wake of the severity and scale of this natural disaster, urgent humanitarian assistance is required to save lives and continue rescue operations.
The most pressing requirements at the moment are for tents, aqua tablets, water purification equipment, food supplies, de-watering pumps and medicines.
He also requested UN secretary general to mobilise the international community for urgently needed relief assistance to save precious lives. A team of UN agencies is visiting the affected areas for a needs assessment.
The president has also appealed to the people of Pakistan, including the expatriate community to make generous contributions and assist in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts for millions of their compatriots affected by this natural calamity.
It is pertinent to mention here that hundreds of people have lost their lives and over 5 million people have been displaced and directly affected by the calamity.
Presently, over four million acres of land is under water; 2.5 million acres of crop have been destroyed and over a million houses have been damaged or washed away. The situation is worsening with forecast of more widespread rains in the area. It is estimated that economic losses caused by these rains could run into billions of dollars.


  1. Erum Khan said:

    Mai Pakistani Hoon <=– Pakistan Zindabad!! if you pakistani like maro kab tak funny page like karte rahoge.. pakistan k liye sirf ek page like nahi karsakte? proud to be pakistani :))

  2. Shakeel said:

    why not some pounds from your swiss account Mr. Zardari Sahib???? bring that pounds to Pakistan and spend on flood victims:

  3. mashraf said:

    Shame on Zardari for begging. Why does not he help poor and displaced Pakistanis from Billions of Dollars that he has stashed in Swiss Banks. So can do his ministers and his parteners. Pervais Elahi's son can also chip in from the loot for which he is in jail. Zardari by shuttinz down lights in Predendial House for few days can feed lot of people.

  4. Amjad said:

    Pls people try to understand he is a poor widower, how he can help Pakistanis… This is hard earned money from corruption and plundering… So have mercy on him… u can't expect such criminals for help…

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