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LHCBA passes resolution to invite Mirza to bar

The general house meeting of Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution demanding that former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza be invited to address the bar and solidarity be shown to him in his “battle” against target killers, the extortion mafia and rioters making Karachi a living hell.
Chaired by LHCBA President Asghar Ali Gill, the session debated on the requisition tabled by bar member Arfan Aizad which stressed on the “urgent need” to invite Mirza to address the legal community of Lahore.
The resolution was seconded by Zulfiqar Ali Bokhari and Bar Secretary Arshad Malik Awan. A count of raised hands in its favour illustrated that the resolution had been accepted unanimously with the exception of Musadaq Asad, who opposed it.
At the meeting the lawyers chanted slogans against the MQM, holding the party liable for target killings in Karachi, causing unrest in the country, playing into the hands of foreign powers and denting the solidarity of the Pakistan.
LHCBA Vice president Muhammad Jahangir and a large number of bar lawyers participated in the general house meeting. The date for Mirza’s speech at the bar will be finalised in another two to three days. The lawyers in the house spoke of Mirza as a hero who, notwithstanding the resultant personal loss, had exposed the target killers before the media.
Arfan Aizad in his requisition demanded that an independent commission be set up to probe into Mirza’s revelations and his boldness may be paid tribute to at the LHCBA in a befitting manner.

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