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Doctors demand provincial medical council under PMDC

The young doctors have demanded the Punjab government should establish a provincial medical council under the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) to regulate private medical colleges in Punjab. The doctors said in neighbouring countries there were state medical councils established under the national medical council to regulate medical education at the provincial level so that exploitation of poor students by private medical colleges could be stopped. Young Doctors’ Association Pakistan office bearers Dr Rana Sohail, Dr Salman Kazmi, Dr Talha Sherwani, Dr Ghulam Qasim, Dr Khuda Bakhsh, Dr Murtiza Baloch, Dr Talha Saad, Dr Khalid Idrees and Dr Mohammad Khawar Khan demanded that a competent senior doctor be appointed in place of the suspended Health Department additional secretary so that proper action could be taken against private medical colleges.

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  1. Ahmed Farhan said:

    It is a very hard job being a doctor in this country. Your heavily underpaid, highly overworked, and the subject of patient and admin. harassment 24/7. It is very annoying, also, when during an epidemic, or even on normal days, several non-med patients/individuals come to you, all full of medical articles they`ve read online, and try to challenge your management skills and treatment plans. What many patients don`t seem to realize is that doctors are not psychotic killers, with a lust for blood sport. Who wants to go through the entire ordeal of court proceedings, esp. in this country. It is easy being a specialist, since you only need to conduct rounds and have minimal, fixed duty hours, which can be altered on your every whim. The real tough job is that of the doctor on duty, who gets to face the fire. Patients, and the general public of Pakistan need to realize that doctors are not their servants, but trained professionals who unfortunately are very underrated, and never get the credit they truly deserve. To all those people who are critical of doctors and the way they perform, try going through med school and getting a job here, and i`d like to see how much happiness you secure. Really, at times i am both appalled and astonished to see the way people treat or think about doctors, without ever considering the extreme conditions they have to work in.

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