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Diabetes linked to bowel cancer

A new study has claimed that diabetics are likely to develop bowel cancer later in life.
Researchers, led by the University of Western Australia, have carried out the study which established a significant link between type 2 diabetes and the risk of potentially fatal bowel cancer in men.
“On the strength of these results, doctors should consider lowering the screening threshold for these patients,” Professor Tim Davis, who led the study, said.
The 11-year ‘Cancer and Diabetes in Australia’ Fremantle Diabetes Study involved 1,300 people with type 2 diabetes.
While the study revealed an increased risk of all cancers in both men and women with type 2 diabetes, it was the two-fold increase in bowel cancer among men with type 2 diabetes that alarmed researchers.
“When detected early 90 per cent of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully. Unfortunately the condition is often not diagnosed until it reaches an advanced stage and is now Australia’s second leading cancer killer,” Davis said.
The rate of bowel cancer across the country has risen steadily over the past 25 years along with the incidence of type 2 diabetes.
An estimated 1.6 million Australians aged over 25 years are thought to have type 2 diabetes while the number of people diagnosed with bowel cancer has nearly doubled from 8,000 in 1986 to more than 14,000 in 2007.
Intense exercise burns calories hours after workout: A new study has found that our bodies continue to burn calories for hours after undertaking a vigorous fitness session.
Men who exercised on a stationary bike for around 45 minutes burned an additional 190 calories over the 14 hours afterwards, according to the study.
The researchers said the same theory should apply to any intense activity, be it football, swimming or running, and for the fairer sex.
However, to get the extra calorie-burning benefits, the workout needs to be enough that ‘you’re sweating, your body temperature is up and your heart beats fast’.
“That means a person would lose one pound after five intense exercise bouts if they resisted the temptation to eat more,” the Daily Mail quoted researcher David Nieman, of Appalachian State University in Kannapolis, North Carolina, US as saying.
“This shows that intense exercise can have a meaningful impact on your body fat stores if you don’t counter it with an extra piece of cake. I hope this will motivate people to get out there to do sweat-producing activities. You get so much bang for your buck,” he concluded.
IHC to reopen on 12th : Islamabad High Court would resume hearing of under trial cases from September 12 after two months of summer vacation. The court holidays had started on July 11.
However some of the judges continued to hear some important cases during Ramdan. According to court administration, the IHC would resume hearing of all the under trial cases from next week.
RCCI elections on 14th: The annual elections for Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) would be held on Sept 14 (Wednesday).
Preparations are in full swing in this regard. At least twenty-six candidates have filed their nominations for the 5 seats of Associate Class while 10 candidates are vying for five seats of Corporate Class.

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