More rains set to pour more water and miseries on Badin

The fresh spell of monsoon rainfall that started in the lower districts of Sindh on Monday is bound to create more problems for the people displaced by earlier rains in the region. “The residents of the rain-hit areas of Badin are facing a critical situation and living on roadsides,” said Sameer Mandhro of Advocacy and Awareness Society (AAS), Badin.
“I don’t know why the government has not taken the required steps even though the Met Office has predicted more heavy rains this week? People are not being provided food and other necessities,” he complained. Mandhro told Pakistan Today that the distribution of relief goods is in a “few hands”. “It seems that the district government is not working seriously. Local representatives are indifferent. There is no system after the man-made floods in the district,” he added.
The AAS office-bearer said that remote areas have been completely ignored. “Merely photo sessions, visits and distribution of relief items will not help. I am sure the district government has not gathered the actual assessment of the losses,” he said.
. “The government should leave aside its political game and work honestly for the people. International NGOs should also come forward with the consent of the government because the area has already been announced a calamity-hit district.”
He said that a team is required in each union council to overcome the prevailing situation. “Children, women and aged people need urgent attention of the authorities. Food items and potable water must be provided at once. This time of emergency needs proper attention and it can be done though honest management. Flood survivors can be seen knocking on the doors of some influential people who have been authorised to distribute relief goods,” he said.
“It is not merely the responsibility of the government but other political parties should help the people of Badin as well. A large number of displaced people are still living under open sky along the banks of canal and other places and have not received any help despite the fact that more than two weeks have past when heavy rains inundated several villages. Fresh breaches will create more problems and local NGOs are trying to help people with their limited resources. The government should work with the local NGOs and volunteers and draw a plan to avoid more losses,” he said.

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