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PHA out to take on dengue

Better late than never, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has finally launched a full-scale anti-dengue spray campaign in almost parks of the city.
Following the guidelines of Punjab Health department, PHA started the drive on Saturday.
PHA sources told this scribe that the department was using two types of liquids for the spray drive: One is called water-spray made of temiphos and the other is fumigation made of pesticides and diesel fuel. They said the water-spray was conducted manually as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of dengue larva while the fumigation was done intermittently.
Sources said the PHA had hired machinery from private firms to keep the city parks from becoming the breeding colonies of dengue mosquitoes. Sources said that City District Government too had been requested to provide more machinery in that regard.
They said the parks included in the dive are located in neighbourhoods including Shadman, Gulberg, Samnabad, Ichrah, Rehman Pura, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Sabzazar, Islampura, National Town Sanda, Ravi Road, Shadbagh, Wasan Pura, China Scheme, Chuburji, New Muslim Town, Johar Town, Mustafa Town, Model Town, Allama Iqbal Town and Garden Town.
They said the following
playgrounds and parks are also part of the spray and fumigation campaign:
Nursery Ground, Masjid Bait-ul Maukaram Ground, Shah Jamal Ground, M-Block Ground, D-ground, PIMS Ground, Nursery Ground, Ghalib Market Ground, T-block Ground, A-III Park, B-II Park, J-block Ground, B-III Ground, P-Block ground in Gulberg area, Akxi-Jamil Ground, Masjid Khizra Ground, Telephone Exchange Ground, Jinnah Colony Ground, Qayum Park, N-Block Ground, Rustam Park, Gulam Nabi Colony Ground, Mahram Park in Samnabad, Jahngheer Park in New Mozang, Sharif Park in Inchra, A-Block Ground Rehman Pura, E-Block Moon Market Ground, A-Block Ground, Madina Park, Zubair Park, H-block Ground, Masjid Ya-Rasool Allah Ground in Gulshan-e-Ravi, A-Block Ground, B-Block Ground, N-Block Ground, G-Block Ground, H-Block Ground, D-Block Ground, E-Block Ground in Sabzazar, Madina Masjid Park in National Town, Dubai Masjid Ground in Islam Pura, National Town Ground in Sanda, Mochi Gate Jalsa Gah Ground, Akbari Gate Ground, Delhi Gate Ground, Yaki Gate Ground, Shiranwala Ground, Masti Ground, Kashmir Ground, Moori Gate Ground, WAPDA Park in Ravi Road, Goal Ground Shadbagh, Akram Park Shadbagh, Sofia Lady Park Wasan Pura, C-II Ground in China Scheme, C-I Ground in China Scheme, Habib Park in China Scheme, Masjid-ul-Halal Ground in Chuburji, Ayubia Market Ground, A-Block Triangular Park in New Muslim Town, Mian Plaza Ground, E-I-Block, G-Block Ground, F-II Block Ground, B-Block Ground, P-Block Ground, M-Block Ground, J-III-Block Ground, A-Block Ground in Johar Town, Qayum Block park, Ahmed Yar Block in Mustafa Town, M-Block Ground in Model Town Extension, N-Block Ground in Model Town Ext, Q-Block Ground Model Town Ext, P-Block Ground Model Town Ext, Ittifaq Ground Model Town Ext, L-Block Ground Model Town Ext, D-Block Ground Faisal Town, A-Block Ground in Faisal Town, B-Block Ground Faisal Town, C-block Faisal Town, Kokha Pind in Model Town, Ideal Park Township, A-II Block ground, I-C-I Block Ground, Minihau-ul-Quran Ground and B-I Block Ground in Town Ship.
The drive will also cover parks and playgrounds in almost all the blocks of Iqbal Town and Garden Town.
Also included in the drive are playground such as: Mian Meer Cricket Ground, Faisal Park Lal Pul, Khursheed Park, Rehmania Park and Tubwell Park, Aslam Hiyat Park, C-Block Ground, FCC Park in Gulberg, Ladies Park, Sports Complex Ground, Ashaba-Sufa Park, Football Ground in Gulshan-e-Ravi, Manto Park, F-Block Usman Park and Kazafi Park, Children’s Park, People’s Park, Ahmed Din Park, Karim Park, Nawaz Sharif Park, Qalah Lakshman Singh Park, Muqbra Jahngeer Park and Rehmat Flourmills Ground, Shahbaz Block Ground, Abbas Block Ground and Hadiyat Ul Allah Park, M-Block Cricket Ground, Babri Park, Sulman Park, Khan Park, Amina Park, Kibria Park, Madni Park, Jillani Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, National Bank Park, Minar-e-Pakistan Park, Kamran Bara Dari Park and Bagh-e-Jinnah.

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