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PPP Punjab to protest in assembly over Taseer’s kidnapping

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab on Saturday decided to submit a requisition regarding calling a Punjab Assembly’s meeting on Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping incident.
Opposition Leader Raja Riaz said that the requisition will be submitted in the assembly secretariat on Tuesday. If Shahbaz Sharif did not come in the assembly on that day, then we will stage protest, he said.
Riaz also said that Shahbaz Sharif should concentrate on maintaining peace in the province instead of talking about Karachi’s peace. Taseer’s kidnapping has exposed the good governance of the Punjab government, he added.

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One Comment;

  1. REHEEM kHAN said:

    PPP-Z is well within its right to protest for Shahbaz Taseer for whose recovery Punjab government is tirelessly pursuing the kidnappers. However, the point here is : why has not PPP-Zardari-Punjab ever protested or raised one feeblest voice against thousands of innocent people killed by target killers of Karachi who have also extorted billion of dollars bathokhori income. Simple! Because the perpetrators of the heinous crimes belong to coalition mafia of PPP-Zardari,MQM,ANP as revealed by Zulfikar Mirza few months back, he still reiterates but shamefully the Sindh government,Rehaman Malik,PPP co Chairman the real evil ‘mindset’ does not let the truth come out clear. Because he needs criminal, mutinious,target killers,bathakhor,blackmailers of trillion rupees for 27 years to remain his partner to protect his power and billion of dollars corrupt wealth,perpetuaste his power onto his dynasty and ruin the politics of Punjab,plunder it after plundering PIA,PSML,EOBI,NICL,Railwatys.Wapda,national exchequer,ruing 16.5 crore poor,safid posh rendered below poverty lines, raising prices of bare essentials by thousand of percent, utility tariffs by again hundred of percent and for rental units which provide per unit @RS40/against Hyde energy for some Rs 1.50/ but for oil coomission,oil lobbies funding opposition of Kala BAGH dam ,Pakistan has been sent into darkness, state infrastructure, economy ruined to bloat the coffers of the worst ever cronies of earth,the real enemies of poor and Pakistan.
    About ongoing Karachi operation,I think nothing will happen ultimately when PPP-Z is scared to death of MQM to even slightly insinuate on their dastardly past while they accuse them openly every where and always and they shamefully remain composed.. Every thing will be ultimately buried under the carpet of the ‘ghadari of mumafti siyasat,taking every one along-the greatest fraud to break country’,till it suits their sinister objectives.

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