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37 more disgruntled Hindus leave country for good

Thirty-seven Hindus comprising five families and residents of Thul, a small town in Jacobabad district, have left Pakistan for India to never come back because of security concerns.
Despite tall claims of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s leadership, Sindhi Hindus’ murders, kidnappings for ransom and forced conversions are being carried out unabated across the province.
Like many other Hindus of the province who have migrated to other countries, the families of Dr Pritam Das, Kishor Lal, Ramesh Kumar and Lal Singh have left the country after selling their properties and houses and wrapping up their businesses.
Expressing serious concerns over the situation, Hindu leaders demanded the government on Friday to take notice of the incidents that are making the minority citizens leave the country and to ensure their security.
“It’s extremely sad that the Hindu families who have been living in the province for centuries are being forced to migrate from their ancestral motherland,” Pakistan Hindu Seva (PHS) President Sanjesh Kumar said. “The government is not providing them adequate security,” he added.
Kumar said that Sindhi Hindus are well-educated, working as professional doctors and engineers as well as agricultural workers, and running major businesses. “Their migration isn’t only causing brain drain, but also giving the country a bad name abroad,” he added.
Quoting the data collected by PHS, he said that around 10 to 14 Sindhi Hindu families have been migrating to other countries every month since 2008. “The Hindus who migrate to India are not getting equal rights there, but they have no other option because most countries do not encourage them to apply for immigration,” he added.
According to the national census of 1998, Hindus, who were 2.7 million in number at that time, are the biggest religious minority in Pakistan; and most Hindu leaders claim that their population has crossed 7 million now, majority of whom live in Sindh.
Most of the middle- and upper-class Hindus in the subcontinent migrated to India after partition; the remaining were officially declared Scheduled-Caste Communities (SCC) by the Pakistani government.
Despite being in majority within a minority, these underprivileged Hindus are not being treated as equals by the government; even the PPP has been ignoring these “lower caste communities” since there are five Hindu PPP Sindh Assembly members, three of whom are ministers, but none is from the SCC.
Though the PPP allocated the provincial minorities ministry to a Hindu, Mohan Lal Kohistani, he has never taken any interest in providing security to the minorities; interestingly, when Kohistani was contacted, he said that he was unaware of migration of Hindus.
“Kohistani has bought his seat with a hefty bribe and he does not represent Sindhi Hindus, so we demand the PPP leadership to remove Kohistani immediately,” Pakistan Hindu Foundation President DM Maharaj told this scribe.

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  1. Aneeq Zaman said:

    It is a shame that minorities are being treated this way. It is one of the main reasons I could not be a patriot. Pakistan is an explicit proof of tyranny, forcefed laws and no rights to its minorities. Is this what Pakistan was all about. The flag with white stripe??

  2. Aneeq Zaman said:

    I also wish best of luck to the departing people, because I know they will be safe in India and not here, in this country of extreemists who are propagating their false ideologies, not just in Pakistan, but everywhere in the world.

  3. muhammadilyaskhan said:

    Religion has become the bane of all Pakistani citizens. It has been tearing down the society into bits and pieces.

  4. moinak said:

    Come to India and see how Muslims are treated here. This is one of the reasons why we survived and Pakistan failed. Contrary to as claimed by hate mongers like Zaid Hamid, Muslims in India are safer than Muslims across the border. Pakistan has failed in every way. Jinnah must be very very sad.

    • Pakistani said:

      moinak, why could'nt Shabana Azmi and other Muslims hire or purchase property in Bombay in the area of their choice? Ghandi must be very very very sad.

      • Porkistan said:

        get your facts right. They cant purchase becs they arent indian .

        What about Sallu SRK ..u forgot them..They are treated like god in 80 % hindu country ..SO betta STFU and safeguard hindus just the way we do hindus here

      • rakesh vora said:

        she can buy and she had been the member of parliament… highest body. problem was with imran hasmi which was sorted out.

      • Ujwal shivdaswani said:

        who said that bro…….Indian constitution say every citizen are equal , and they are equal by practice too? and who said you about shabana azmi can't buy property because she is a muslim???? might be she cant afford it i suppose ,,,,,,,, doesn't shahruk khan has home in mumbai?
        many muslims are living peacefully and respectfully in mumbai…….
        person might be hindu muslim sikh parsi jain buddhist and what ever might be
        we are Indians …The Indian , and all Indians are brothers
        am my self a Pakistani hindu by birth , we(my family ) left pakistan in 1992,i was 4 years old then, we were made to leave our sindh , by some extremists from FATA, who cared about us then??? did pak govt help us ???? no ……..we ran for 2 days to escape the attack …..yet no police helped us……our property forth of lakhs was occupied by some politicians……..and this is the fate of hindus in pakistan

      • sashi said:

        Dont fall a prey to the propaganda of Zahid Hamid and his likes. The future of pakistan lies with the liberals there. Get educated and be one of them. For the path of the religious zealots are full of death and destruction. And their idea is nothing but utopian. By the way Aseem premji one of the richest indian lives in a palatial house owned by him. And most of the bollywood stars, like shabana and others dont live on footpaths of mumbai. Once again get educated.

      • Rajesh said:

        That is because the Terrorists have defamed Islamic people and people are afraid , moreover some pseudosecularist try to justify the terrorist , it is not by any hatred , in fact on the day of Id and iftars you will find many hindus and muslims together. India is Secular country , that is why terrorists could drive away 300000 Hindus from Kashmir and their neighbours eyed the properties.

      • nil said:

        if i dont want to give room to anyone that is my problem.i also get problem in getting the room in by some owner in rajasthan only bcos i am from bihar.it is by choice.but u dickhead will never get the logic and bark forever like a porkistani.

  5. Swabhoom swarajya said:

    surprising even the minority MP Kohistani not interested in these people's plight.What is the way forward…..drive 37 muslims towards pakistan to maintain balance….

  6. R. Singh said:

    India has to intervene to save the long suffering Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh as they are treated like lesser beings in those countries. The population of Hindus has dropped massively since partition and they are discriminated at almost every aspect of their daily lives. Relying on the govt of those countries is no longer a viable option..

  7. Haresh said:

    The article states that Hindus from Pakistan do not get equal rights in India. This is because they are technically Pakistanis and depending on where they settle in, they are likely to be granted Indian citizenship within a reasonable period of time. I am an Indian Sindhi (pre 1947 migration) and our community is an integral part of this country. We have blended in excellently well in the various communities we have settled, have added value to the country by being business people and professionals and are by and large law abiding.
    I must add that although Hindus from Pakistan are welcome in India on humanitarian grounds and historical realities, what happens to the majority Muslim population there. It is shocking to see Muslims killing Muslims in a place like Karachi which is far from trouble prone areas like Afghanistan. Yes, India is not a perfect country and is not heaven, but Muslims live in greater peace here than even in Karachi. It is also shocking to know that mosques are bombed even during Ramadhan. Where will the Pakistani Muslims go?

    • Ujwal shivdaswani said:

      yeh harish , yes its true that hindus from pakistan do not get equal right in here too
      and awarding of the citizen ship …. god know how all these works …….
      i am a pakistani refugee who came in 1992 along with my family, when i was 4 , i got my citizen ship recently 1 year back ………and that too by efforts of bhajrang dal

      • Haresh said:

        Ujwal, I am glad you and your family managed to obtain Indian citizenship and appreciate those who helped you. Indian citizenship rules are clearly defined but as I stated, may be more complicated for Pakistani Hindus.
        This only goes to prove that my elders (and those of other Sindhis and Punjabis) who migrated to the Indian side (my family came in pre 1947 before all the trouble began) took the right decision. As an Indian Sindhi, I know that I am better off being in this land without an inch of Sindh. I know that I have a bright future here and I am as Indian as any other Indian.
        Now that you are an Indian Citizen, make the most of it and be a part of our glorious future.

  8. Farrukh Najmi said:

    As a non-Hindu Pakistani I am very disturbed about the plight of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan. I wish that progressive Pakistanis unite with Hindu and other minority communities to determine how to make change from within using a campaign of education and awareness on TV, radio, newspaper, schools and other media. I wish there was an NGO dedicated to this purpose. Any one know of any such efforts?

    • sashi said:

      Progressive, liberal pakistanis need to unite not only for the cause of the minorites but also for many more issues facing pakistan today. A whole generation of people have been created by Gen. Zia for carying forward his utopian agenda. So now pakistan has a society which is intolerant and confused with its identity. Shia. ahmediys, Baloochi, Sindi, Mohajirs… endless list. Liberals in Pakistan need to unite and stop this slide into anarchy and chaos before it is too late.

    • nil said:

      i think it will be a good step to kill all hindu(they are low life animals)and u will get the universal right to abuse hindu,hindusim,and india

  9. russianroullete2 said:

    How strange it becomes a story when 37 Hindus leave Pakistan, it is not a story when thousands of Muslims have left the country. Settled abroad and condemn Pakistan round the clock. They only come back to damage the country like Shaukat Aziz did. These people have no interest in Pakistan and want to harm it as much as they can. Brain drain is a myth. Just because an idiot is on the top and leaves Pakistan – good riddance, that kind of brain drain is acceptable. Largely very stupid people leave Pakistan. Their being in Pakistan was simply a waste. Only those who sit back and work to genuinely develop the country are the people who count. Pakistan can do very well without people whose interest is to harm Pakistan.

    • Haresh said:

      When Muslims leave Pakistan, I presume it is not a story as Pakistan is an Islamic country and the Muslims who leave not only have all the rights of a citizen but are the majority. Pakistani Hindus obviously leave for different reasons and under different circumstances that tends to make it to the news.

  10. girdhar said:

    All hindus should leave soon, because america and India and Israel may completely wipe/nuke pakistan soon. they are just experimenting with a bomb that kills all the people, so animals, plants, and everything else alive can be used by India for living respectfully with earth's balance

  11. suryan said:

    I also feel all Hindus(also christians??) should leave Pakistan instead of complaining;i am not sure if they can? are there any restrictions from pak or indian govts? But i do not wish Pak to be destroyed by israel or usa. but Hindus should leave so that they can live peacefully elsewhere.

  12. Roy said:

    when muslims in majority this is normal.. look wat they did in kashmir..to kashmirir pandits.. that relgion of peace ISLAM

  13. Saifullah said:

    Good, they go. All chamaars go to bhindia.

    Allahu Akhbar!

    • vinod.haridas said:

      Beta, Jyaada din nahi dekh pawge._Apni dadi se bhi poochna, kahin wo bhi chamaar to nahi thi, Kahin dar ke mare mulli ban gahi hoh._Tumara Asli baab.

  14. stop this hatred! said:

    no worries my indian brothers and hindu brothers in pakistan.u all are most welcome in India you will get the full right as any other citizens get here in india (HINDU,MUSLIM,CRISTIAN..JEWS etc) wo are not like idot pakistanis we respect all religion..but my advice is not to leave your home and business rather plz fight agaisnt pakistanis for you rights..no one would harm our dignity….and msg to pakistanis(people only like zaid hamid dont mess with us indians..we will thrash you like bitches.our 150 million INDIAN mulims are enough for rats like them…

  15. HUMAN said:

    Pakistan talks big about being an Islamic nation & follower of its tenements. But it has failed in every department to be humane towards other minorities. Their hatered towards Hindus show their venom, untruthfullness & jealousy in their thoughts about them which can never be erased. Their treatment is comparable or worst then the Apartheid regime. They can never be humane in thoughts. Why to complain & raise rhetoric about subjugation of Kashmiri people who are being instigated by Pakistans malign intentions. Such countries do not survive for long which shall meet their ultimate end.
    It is time for Kashmiris to wake up and look into the malign intentions of Pakistan whose very basis of foundation is built on hypocrism & fundamentalism.

  16. LastMinority2go said:

    Parsi's are next. You can enjoy the thought of the billions of PKR worth of land that you can usurp in karachi specifically in saddar near the cinemas when we are gone. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts, before the currency of this country is worth less than toilet paper which is what you have treated us like for the last few years.

  17. Sarwech saryo said:

    I feel biggest guality as a Sindhi. It is shameful event for me.

  18. gopal batra said:

    yes.iam hindu sindhi and iam living in pakistan……….we are living in hell….we want freedom security and right …….yes not only 37 peoples leaves country …… but every moths thousands of hindus were doing same thing….. they are leaving country secretly despite of killed by dacoits and idiots……. iam also 21 years and just visit india 1 year ago……..and i feel lots freely and better , i never feel in india that iam insecure and iam a pakistani,, we got very nice greeting from the peoples of india then our countrymen who living with us,,,,,,,,iam appealing the govt if u not want to live hindus in pakistan then give us some facilities of visa ,to let us go from a islamic country to our peaceful country

  19. MADHUKAR said:

    For me its strange to see majority of the voices against violence against Hindus from Pakistan with small exceptions -expected. Personally – secular thought process ingrained in our Indian psyche – its very hard to differentiate for me Hindus and Muslims – we just never think on that line – I have never seen a diffident or confused common man Muslim in our country – they feel and excercise EQUAL RIGHTS. Albeit- majority of country is against Congressis who try to seperate Muslims as vote blocks for poilitics – and I have heard myself Muslims very angry of Congress pseudo secular and apeasement and for trying to divide them from main stream – even in GUJRAT ! Pakistanis should stop getting misguided by fundamentalists and terrorists -and have equal and humane relationships within themselves and with world !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. manu said:

    am advising the hindu people in pakistan to kill the muslim leaders who do not allowed to live u there …..i think this is the best way that u can survive there

  21. rahul said:

    yar ye muslim starting se hi hum hinduo ko maarte or loot te rahe h. or ab to ye hindu ladkiyo ko patakar shadi bhi kar rahe h.aisi ladkiyo ko to goli maardeni chahiye. i think aaj se 20 ya 30 saal baad poore india ka islamikaran ho jaayega or is desh mein ek bhi hindu nahi bachega.

  22. Mantosh singh said:

    Oh that is shame,why pakistan’s people do like this, hamare INDIA me aakar dekho Muslims and Hindu me kitna bhaichara hai,ham sab milkar fastival manate hai koi bhi fark nahi karte.

  23. Mantosh singh said:

    So my hindu friends agar aisa hi chalta raha to we have to make Hindu Jihad Orgnization.
    Itna bardast karne ki aadat mat daalo.

  24. Mantosh singh said:

    Ab aur jyada sehne ki koi jarurat nahi,
    my HINDU Friends we have to make Hindu Zihad Orgnization.
    Bcoz i am hindu.

  25. Mantosh singh said:

    Agar hum INDIANS Muslims ko hamare india se bhagne me mazboor kar de to, hamare india me itne muslims hai jo pakistan me jaye to puri pakistan bhi chhota pad jaye,but hamlog aisa nahi karte.
    Hamare andar Dhoka,Fareb nahi hai.

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