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Khosa terms Taseer’s abduction failure of Punjab govt

Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa expressed serious concerns over the law and order situation in the province on Friday and termed the abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, son of late governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, reflective of the poor state of law and order in the province.
Addressing a press conference at the Governor’s House, Latif Khosa however said despite the poor law and condition situation, the PPP would not let democracy derail in the country or the province.
He urged the provincial government to reconsider its policy and activate law enforcement agencies to check the increasing number of kidnapping incidents in the province. “Punjab governor is killed and his son is kidnapped in broad daylight despite the fact police check posts have been set up in every nook and corner of the city,” he said.
The was the failure of the provincial government earlier from Model Town a US citizen was kidnapped who has not yet been recovered and these incidents speak volumes of the law and order situation in the province, he added.
Just imagine the pain and sufferings of the relatives and family of the abducted young man, he said and hoped the chief minister would focus his attention on the poor law and order situation of the province instead of lecturing on peace and harmony in other province.
He said he had talked to the inspector general of the province and directed him to take all the necessary measures in recovering Shahbaz Taseer as soon as possible.

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  1. Sabiha Arsh said:

    Well said Mr Khosa… A person who is son of Taseer is abducted then Punjab govt is failed but what about Karachi where thousands of Pakistani killed…. Why ur govt did not accecpt the failure of Sindh govt?…. Shame on u.

  2. Muneeb Ijaz said:

    Sahi kaha Khosa ne punjab CM ko resign kar dena chahiye wo nakam ho gaye hain….is tarhan to PPP or MQM or ANP ko to ban kar dena chahiye pure pakistan mai….karachi jo daily 30 say 40 masoom log mar rahe hain wo nazar nahi aate…..

  3. Muneeb Ijaz said:

    or jo parties Karachi mai hain…..sab k presidents ko SC ki taraf say notice bhejna chahiye…..lanat hai aisi bari parties per jo karachi mai reh kar bhi karachi k halat theek nahi karsakti….

  4. Muneeb Ijaz said:

    apni jaibain bharne say fursat mile to kuch karachi ka khyal karain na….lanat hai aisi siyasi jamaton per or lanat hai aise leaders per jo awam k liye kuch nahi kar sakte…

  5. shahbaz anwer said:

    Punjab is the largest province which had ruled Pakistan directly or indirectly for 60 plus years, if there is trouble in Punjab then how can Shahbaz Shareef preach to smaller provinces?
    Well done Khosa someone needs to take to task the wilfull inheritors of Zia's legacy.

  6. asif quershi said:

    Watch utube and you will realize how Nawaz Sharif owned upto and pledged to promote Zia-ul-Gaq's policies. Now the same Nawaz family pretends to be champions of democracy. All of Nawaz family corruption, tax evasion and running away during Musharaf rule are on utube, please watch before commeting.

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