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Salary jump for doctors from Rs 18,000 to Rs 50,000

President Asif Ali Zardari signed on Wednesday the Career Structure for Health Personnel (CSHP) Ordinance, providing legal sanction to a new career structure and incentive plan for doctors. The structure includes a salary increase of post-graduate doctors doing house jobs from Rs 18,000 to Rs 50,000 a month.
According to this ordinance, monetary benefits including salary, pension, perks and privileges for all health workers would not be less than what they had been receiving before implementation of this new structure. The current Basic Pay Scale system (BPS 1 to 22), applicable to health workers with the special Health Personnel Pay scale (HPS 1 to 13), would now be applicable to all categories of medical practitioners including paramedics and support services personnel, serving in federal health institutions and other related organisations working under the federal government.
This career structure also includes health allowances starting from a monthly Rs 2,000 to Rs 45,000. It also links the career growth of health professionals with their progress in terms of their skills, education, experience and performance according to rules laid by relevant regulatory bodies. The ordinance also provides guidelines to form further rules as all orders and instructions with respect to any terms and conditions of service or other matters related to health workers, consistent with the provision of this ordinance, would be deemed rules.
Spokesperson to the President Farhatullah Babar told reporters that this ordinance had addressed the longstanding demand of medical practitioners and had also kept them public servants under section 21 of the Pakistan Penal Code of 1860, adding that it had been prepared after consulting all stakeholders and forming a consensus among the medical community. He said doctors working under the federal government were applicable to this new structure but provinces could also follow this model as the Health Ministry had been devolved to provinces after the 18th Amendment.
The provinces had been shown the way and it was now their job to decide the structures and systems in health services, he said. Babar said that this ordinance would immediately come into force and shall deem to have taken effect from July 01, 2011. The spokesperson said entering this structure would be optional for existing employees but all fresh appointments would be made under the new ordinance.

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    • SHAH HUSSAIN said:


  1. Saud Bin Ahsen said:

    alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!

    • ira said:

      plx guide me too which is more good????a mbbs doctor or a bds one?

  2. Dr. ZIa said:

    Actually you need to correct the news here. It is mentioned " post-graduate doctors doing house jobs from Rs 18,000 to Rs 50,000 a month."
    This is completely false news. Post-graduate doctors are not house jobians. The pay of the post-graduate doctors has not been increased from 18,000 to 50,000 it has been increased from 22,500 to 50,000.
    Please correct the news. I work in PIMS as a post-graduate trainee therefore I can assure you that this news is not completely right.

    • komalroshan said:

      very true how can a pg be called as house officer.. Dr. zia can i ask u are u doing ur post graduation in paeds??

    • Dr.saima said:

      i am working as house-officer at jpmc karachi,i want some info regarding postgraduation at pims.can u help me in dis regard?

    • Dr Riaz said:

      For medical officers, it is 60000 PKR and postgraduate trainees it is 50000. there ll be 20000 NPA in adition. This ll be the starting pay

  3. Dr Riaz said:

    Why only doctors of federal government why not all the doctors of the country?

  4. Dr Riaz said:

    I m afraid, this decision will lead to strikes in provinces

  5. dr. faisal said:

    this is not done by private institution of sindh, like baqai

  6. kamz said:

    wake up Punjab government?
    you should also increase the pay of doctors and bring it equal to that of federal doctors
    this is un fair to hard working doctors of punjab.
    best of luck to all Punjab doctors.

  7. zulfiiii said:

    ye sab drama hai govt ka…sindh govt nai 23 july ko notification issue kiya tha laikin 2 salaries mil chuki hain or koi allowance abhi tak to nahi mila…or media per govt nai itna shor machaya hua hai k ham nai doctors ki 200 percent salaries barha di hain….sab jhoot hai ye..

  8. doctor said:

    wat about mcps trainees??both fcps n mcps will get 50000??

  9. doctorr said:

    muskil lag rahaaa yarrr…. I recon v should continue strike till v get our cheque…. coz this govt is very shakyyyy

  10. dr. kashif said:

    medical officer will get rs 60000 gross salary and that includes every thing . no housing . no other facilities . no more civil servants. this salary is after including Non practising allowance . So package in punjab is still better . this new system has many negative things in it

    • kamran said:

      yar it is still better to have this. otherwise earlier conditions were quite desperate.

  11. dr. riz said:

    government is just fooling us all! dont take their lullabys seriously! they are habitual lairs & mob of hilarious clowns.

  12. kamran said:

    In Pakistan,females do MBBS so that they can attract Engineers to get "Good Rishta",In USA and Canada they do it for profession.anyway,great news is that Canada needs Doctors desperately,if any Pakistani Doctor,specially female doctors want to migrate here,I can arrange Job and help them out in getting immigration.feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 001-647-461-1195…kamran-canada

    • Anon said:

      Sounds too good! But are you looking for "FEMALE" doctors only?

      An appropriate authority needs to look at your credentials closely. This is serious!

      You e-mail address is Canadian, but cell phone is not. Where do you live? What do you do for a living.

      • Anon said:

        Sorry, I misspoke about the phone. On international call, 1-647 covers Toronto, Canada.

    • Dr. Nudrat said:

      Its a very cheap comment. Pakistan is still in need of female doctors. Please let the pakistani lady doctors practice here. Our Govt spent a handsome amount of money for their studies. Yeh to wohi baat hoi k dukh sahain b fakhta aur kawway anday khain.__Dr. Nudrat__

  13. Hafsa Faiz said:

    what is the salary for a fresh MBBS in punjab that iz completing his five yearz ov agreement..??any1 plxx guide..!!

  14. PotyWorld said:

    We doctors are being plain narrow minded and selfish. Instead of trying to look at the entire picture we are just looking at our immediate gains.
    Cant blame ourselves though, coz thats what being a Pakistani has really taught us in all these years.
    My point is, there is so much that needs to change and improve in our health care system. Just take a look at our Govt run hospitals and I will stand corrected. Even our private hospitals from big names like Aga Khan and Shifa to lesser known ones aren't regularized.
    If the Govt can sign a bill to substantially increase Doctor's pay scales, wouldn't it be a better idea to utilize that budget money to provide free medicationstreatmentsproceduressurgeries to the really needy public visiting these Govt hospitals? What about improving the entire Govt. Hospital Structures facilities? But NOOOOOO, We doctors just care about our PAY SCALES. Nobility is DEAD! All hail SELF CONCEITED SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!!
    The entire healthcare system in our country needs a major over hauling sans politics, sans corruption and more equity based.
    But sadly, CORRUPTION and POLITICS really is the true cancer in our country in general and,in this instance, our healthcare system in particular.

    • drrrrrrrrr said:

      so what u think this social work of doctors will pay the bills?????????
      or doctors dont need money to survive ,,,,,,,,,,they live on air

      • SHAH HUSSAIN said:

        DOCTORS –young docs — miused abused by politicians scumbgs who go to uk usa for toenails check ups .. thats why health services are so bad for aam patients … dont be fooled — politiciansdogs never change ..geneticallymodifiedworms become politicians ..

  15. Captain sami khan said:

    what will be the salary of grade 22 according to this ordinance?

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