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Dengue endemic on the rise

More than 85 cases of dengue were reported on Monday of which 78 cases were reported in Lahore.
Other cases were reported in Gujrat, Nankana, Multan, Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Jhelum and Faisalabad. Thirty-five patients were hospitalised for treatment.
Dengue seems to be spreading at an uncontrollable pace across Punjab, especially in Lahore, where each day 70 to 80 cases are being reported but medical experts say that the disease has not yet reached the level of an epidemic. Dr Shahid Malik of Institute of Public Health said that the disease was in endemic stage but if the rate of infection rose at the same pace, it would become an epidemic. He said that the fatality threat in dengue was a mere 0.02 percent so even if the number of patients rose, the disease could be easily dealt with. The number of patients in Lahore has reached 466 while 526 cases have been reported in Punjab since January.

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