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Turkey’s Erdogan urges aid for Somalia, criticises capitalism

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan appealed on Wednesday for aid for drought-struck Somalia, criticising millionaires who drive luxury cars and the “Western world’s” arrogance for ignoring the plight of the poor. In a speech sprinkled with references to Islamic piety and criticism of Western capitalism, Erdogan told the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) the famine in Somalia was “a litmus test” not only for Muslims but for the whole of humanity. “If you ride a luxury car you should be generous enough to people who are struggling with hunger,” Erdogan told foreign ministers from the 57-nation OIC at an emergency summit in Istanbul to galvanise support for Somalia and drought-struck neighbouring regions.

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  1. abdull said:

    may alah give him best reward -rajab the turkey prime minister show the condolenc e and the good will of pure islam, however, many somali will remember turkey leader the saviour, they also will make duaa for him and his family and alo those who contribute jenerously

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