Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

Save historical places

The heaviest monsoon rains and floods have affected Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas divisions, particularly in Badin, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Allah Yar, Thatta, Mirpur Khas, and Umer Kot districts. More than 2.5

The expensive month of Ramadan

A mixed trend in the prices of commodities was noted in the first half of Ramadan, as prices of 26 commodities, including meat, rice, poultry, sweeteners and some kitchen fuel items registered

New standards

For nearly a century the two most powerful nations on earth – Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia – fought a secret war in the lonely passes and deserts of Central Asia. Those

End of draconian laws

The Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) was enforced by the British in 1848 to control the Pushtuns while they were projected to serve the interest of British Empire. At the time of Pakistan’s

IHC summons Adjutant General

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday sought replies from directors general Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence and other respondents in a case of three missing persons. He further directed the

Baloch killings in Lyari

Within two days, at least 33 people, including the former MNA and veteran Baloch personality Waja Karim Dad, his friend Sadruddin Bhai and five Baloch, four of them football players, were brutally

Heart’s desire

‘‘No single party can steer the country out of crisis,’’ said our Prime Minister on August 12. There are two tragedies in life; one is not to get your heart’s desire, the

Key to heaven?

The terrorists seem keen to gain access to heaven by killing innocent people, which is totally against Islamic teachings. Recently, a home-made ticking bomb enclosed in a steel box, weighing 30kgs and

Women’s education

The education must be necessary and compulsory for women because if they are kept away from education or kept illiterate, the progress of the country will tantamount to be a dream. As