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Dengue turns epidemic, infects 27 more

Dengue has finally showed its intensity this year, as 27 more people were diagnosed with the disease across Punjab on Tuesday. Lahore again led other areas with 24 cases while in Faisalabad and Muzaffargarh, two and one cases were reported respectively. The provincial and district health departments briefed journalists about preventive measures being taken to face dengue. The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has passed a comprehensive strategy to fight against dengue and protect citizens from the disease. Lahore Health EDO Health Dr Umar Farooque said, “Dengue fever spreads by a specific type of mosquito. This specie grows from February to May and July to November. .
Dengue is not a dangerous disease. The specie of mosquito called Aedes Aegypti bites a person who is already suffering from the disease, carries blood and transmits it to the next person. The Aedes Aegypti grows in fresh stagnant water and ideal places for that are stagnant water on roofs, streets and flower pots. Aedes lays eggs on the water and after five days, new mosquitoes are born. To stop their growth, sprays must be used and stagnant water wiped away”.
Dr Farooque appealed to citizens that there must be a proper disposal of water. The CDGL was taking practical and solid steps to combat the disease, he said adding that stagnant water should be sprayed upon along with houses. The EDO said that treatment facilities were available in all big hospitals while the EDO health or the public health district officer could also be contacted in this regard.

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