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Female pilot injured in PAF jet crash

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet crashed on Monday near Bhakker injuring a female pilot.
According media reports, the ill-fated PAF fighter jet F-7 was being flown by female pilot when it crashed due to unknown reasons.
The plane was on training mission, but the type of aircraft and the reason of accident were not immediately identified.
Officials of PAF rushed to the site and started investigation.

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  1. KissaKhani said:

    First why make this issue of sex and try to point that women are not capable of flying an aircraft or driving a car. Personally I hope and pray she is safe and the higher command after recovery put her back in the cockpit and encourage her to fly.Why must
    we report on incidents that can create negative attitude towards these brave women who have as much capability then those SSG guards who could not defend Weinstien
    in Model Town Lahore?

    • Muhammad Bin Naveed said:

      Honestly Jet Fighters crash often, with or without female pilots. I for one found myself admiring the fact that there was a female pilot in the first place, and not thinking it was her fault.

      Maybe its not what has happened, but how we see it that counts!

  2. Sohaib said:

    This is not the issue of a female pilot neither is the first plane crash. Its just a plane crash and planes crash.

  3. magho said:

    A woman should do works which suit her.I must say it is against the dignity of a woman to fly a plane.

  4. Shoaib Butt said:

    this matter not belong to the women.plane crash is just happend.our pilot women are very honest with our job,she knows description of our job' she did not make any mistake .our women are very capable.before anybody give the comments must study the air force history

  5. Kaiser said:

    @ Magho
    Shame on you! go see the Movie TOP GUN, do you want their women to beat our men? Let our women achive an equal professional status and then protect chickens like you.

  6. HAFEEZ SHARIF said:

    our pakistanies pilots male or female are fully aware of there responsibilities as a pilot and as a gud citizen also this type of incidense is unlucky for hole the nation i think she is not guilty i hope my best wishes for my pakistani pilots and pakistan ALLAH HAFIZ

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