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2 dangerous militants escape after killing 3 policemen

Two notorious militants imprisoned in Central Jail Peshawar managed to escape from police custody after a medical check up at Khyber College of Dentistry, located at the Peshawar University Campus, on Friday morning. The militants were helped in their escape by accomplices who killed three policemen at the main gate of the hospital.
One of the militants who ran away was Nadeem Abbas, a member of the banned Sipah-e—Sahaba Pakistan (SSP). He is allegedly involved in kidnapping and murdering of Polish engineer Peter Stanczak, abducted on September 28, 2008. Later, the Taliban killed him in a brutal manner on February 9, 2009. Nadeem, also affiliated with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Darra Adam Khel, was considered second-in-command to Tariq Afridi. He was living like a VIP in the prison and enjoyed ‘good reputation’ among some high-ranking government functionaries.
The second extremist, Zakeem Shah, was a very close associate of Nadeem and was considered amongst the active members of Taliban in Darra Adam Khel. Taliban militants in Central Jail Peshawar are jubilant over the successful escape.
Both Nadeem and Zakeem were brought to the hospital on the prescription of the jail doctor in a police van as they complained of toothache. After going through the formalities, police were shifting them back to the prison when militants targeted the vehicle with sophisticated weapons. The policemen were killed on the spot after which the militants drove away the prisoners.
Soon after the incident, police launched a search operation to recapture the two prisoners. So far, the Taliban are tight-lipped over the escape, the first ever in the last three and half a years. It is believed that they would release a media statement after shifting Nadeem and Zakeem to a safe location.
A resident of Attock district, Nadeem Ghulam Abbas, commonly known as Nadeem Abbas, was known as “Ali” in Kohat and the surrounding areas. He had also confessed his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of around 180 Shias from Kohat, Hangu, Kurram and Orakzai Agency.
Inside the Peshawar prison, Nadeem enjoyed the status of a “ruler” and was allowed to use mobile phone. He also had regular well-known visitors from SSP and other terrorist groups. He had brokered a deal of kidnapping for ransom worth $100,000 from the jail. Similarly, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Home and Tribal Affairs Department’s efforts of restricting his activities were time and again sabotaged by certain elements.

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