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Housewives unable to meet ends in Ramadan

Prices of food items are increasing alarmingly during the month of Ramadan, making it difficult for housewives to manage their kitchens. A housewife from sector G-9/1, Nuzhat Jabeen, lamented that the prices of potatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages and lemons had risen astronomically while Pakistan Today noted within the last week the price of chicken had risen by Rs 10/kg while potatoes had become more expensive by Rs 2 and lemons by Rs 56.
The high prices of these commodities and other essential items have created serious problems for housewives, who complained that instead of checking inflation, the government had allowed rates to rise further during the holy month. With the current prices, it is becoming impossible for people to feed themselves while keeping within their budgets.
A housewife from Bhara Kahu, Sumera Safdar said it was becoming very difficult for her to manage her kitchen budget these days as prices had increased manifold and extra dishes like pakoras and cold drinks had been added to the menu due to Ramadan.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Safdar said, “My husband is a salesman at a shoe store and makes Rs 15,000 per month. I have four daughters and it is difficult for me to manage the kitchen budget even in normal days- in Ramadan it becomes even more difficult to make ends meet.” Safdar added that had she not been uneducated, she would have done a job to add to the household’s earnings.
Safdar also said the government should take steps to decrease the prices of sugar and pulses. “Earlier, we were able to manage our budget with Rs 10,000, but prices of the most basic commodities, like sugar, have increased so much that we now live from hand to mouth. The government should check this rapid inflation,” she said.
A the mother of three, Ayesha Asif of sector D-17 appealed to the government to lower the prices of essential food items like rice, oil and vegetables during the holy month to support the poor. “Managing the kitchen within the monthly budget during Ramadan is almost impossible, so we usually save a little money to spend in this month. It is ironical that every year prices increase during Ramadan despite the government’s claims of having set up sasta bazaars to provide relief to citizens,” said Asif.

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