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Post-arrest bail plea of cyber crime accused rejected

Additional District and Sessions Judge Yaar Muhammad Gondal on Monday granted bail to an accused in a case of cyber crime and rejected the bail application of the main accused involved in maligning a woman on Internet by creating obscene stuff, obnoxious pictures, hacking email addresses and using foul language on a social networking site and making calls to unknown numbers.
One of the accused is a terminal operator in a leading media group of Pakistan while the other is working in the National Highway Authority (NHA) as a computer expert. An FIR was registered on the complaint of one Afzal Qureshi on July 27 against Adnan Khan and Muhammad Naseer Satti, residents of Rawalpindi. According to the FIR, the accused created and uploaded fake profiles of her daughter and her female friends on Facebook. In these fake profiles, the accused mentioned her personal mobile number along with the cell numbers of her friends, portraying them as call girls while the complainant’s mobile number was given as a manager of these girls. Afzal Qureshi, the complainant, said that he tried to block many of these profiles on the Internet. As a result, the complainant and his family received numerous unwanted calls from the people searching for call girls on the Internet.
The accused hacked the personal e-mail account of the complainant’s daughter, created fake account, uploaded and transmitted her phone number and personal information on Yahoo chat rooms. Resultantly, she has been receiving obscene, vulgar and obnoxious telephone calls from different unknown numbers. The accused also created fake face book account to malign her.
An enquiry was conducted and found that the emails and telephone calls were generated in Pakistan’s leading media group office in Rawalpindi. During a technical analysis, it was revealed that the said e-mails were transmitted using Internet protocol, which belongs to M/s Micronet Broadband ISP and was assigned to user, Pakistan’s leading media group. The matter was also technically examined by the administration-of Jang Group. Abdul Basit, system administrator, Jang Group, Rawalpindi, pointed out that the computer equipment “Lunar” used for the commission of the offence was being operated by Muhammad Naseer Satti, a terminal operator of the group. Satti was arrested red handed and the computer equipment taken into custody. During the investigation, another accused, Adnan Khan, was arrested on July 28 on the pointation of Satti. According to Satti, Adnan provided him with the complainant’s personal information.

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