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Governor’s aide shows tailor might is right

Defence A Police registered a criminal case against a tailor for failing to deliver garments on time on the complaint of Senior Adviser to the Punjab Governor Zahid Bashir, police sources said on Thursday.
The case, which police said was the only one of its kind to date, was registered against Muhammad Shahzad, a popular tailor in the upscale Defence locality.
The ‘accused’, however, told police that Bashir had lost his cool and exchanged harsh words with him over the style and fitting of the suits. The senior adviser also threatened the tailor, saying he would destroy his business and initiate police action against him. “I stitched his clothes beautifully. There was no fault. He also swore at me but I behaved well and did not retaliate,” a police officer quoted the tailor as saying.
Bashir told police that he had given “precious fabrics” to the tailor to stitch for himself and his wife, but the tailor showed dishonesty and stole a few pieces from the fabric meant for his wife’s clothes. Police reportedly registered the case and were investigating the matter, but the tailor was not arrested.

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