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When the top 2 Houses in the province don’t pay, KWSB is bound to go astray

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) often launches recovery campaign against its bulk consumers however its management has not been able to muster enough courage to recover outstanding dues worth Rs 33 billion from government offices, Rs 24 million of which have to be paid by the Governor’s House and the Chief Minister’s House alone.
According to the list of KWSB defaulters available with Pakistan Today, government offices including that of the federal and provincial governments and the city administration owe Rs 33 billion to the water utility for the last couple of years.
The Governor’s House has to pay off Rs 23.4 million in dues to the KWSB while the Chief Minister House owes it Rs 0.774 million.
The Sindh Assembly – the house of elected representative – has to clear dues amounting to Rs 8.735 million.
According to the list, defaulting Sindh government departments include the Transport Department that has to pay Rs 1.5 million to the KWSB, the Sindh Small Industries Corporation Rs 1.7 million, the Sindh Government Printing Press Rs 0.29 million, the Provincial PWD Rs 128 million, the Welfare Department Rs 27.4 million, the Revenue Department Rs 17.4 million, the Public Health Engineering Department Rs 182 million, the Law Department Rs 38.9 million, the Education Department Rs 280 million, the Home Department Rs 300 million, the Health Department Rs 130 million and the Livestock Department Rs 72.7 million. The Karachi Electric Supply Company owes Rs 660 million to the KWSB.
Even the federal government departments have never bothered to pay bills to the water utility.
According to list, the Bureau of Statistics has to pay KWSB at least Rs 0.446 million, the Central Board of Revenue Rs 10.8 million, the Civil Aviation Authority Rs 160.8 million, the Export Promotion Bureau Rs 30.3 million, the Ministry of Commerce Rs 0.680 million, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Rs 145 million, the Ministry of Defence Rs 4.9 billion, the Ministry of Education Rs 18.6 million, the Ministry of Finance Rs 73.5 million, the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Rs 49.7 million, the Ministry of Health Rs 110.1 million, the Ministry of Information Rs 36.8 million, the Ministry of Interior Rs 5.5 million, the Ministry of Ports and Shipping Rs 1.5 billion, the Ministry of Production Rs 4.5 billion, the Ministry of Revenue Rs 0.99 million, the Ministry of Science and Technology Rs 43.7 million, the Ministry of Works Rs 340.1 million, the Pakistan Postal Services Rs 6.6 million, the Pakistan Railways Rs 225.3 million, the Pakistan Telecommunication Rs 130 million, the Social Welfare Rs 4.1 million and the Ushr and Zakat Rs 16.6 million.
The defunct City District Government Karachi (CDGK) did not pay its dues worth Rs 2 billion; District Council Ibrahim Haidery Rs 77.6 million, Town Committee Gharo Rs 860 million, Union Council Darsano Channo Rs 12.9 million, Union Council Dhabeji Rs 125 million, Union Council Jangshahi Rs 149 million and Union Council Konkar Rs 63.3 million.

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