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Wedding planners take care of it all

Weddings are big events in Pakistan, entailing months of preparation for the actual day, not to mention the lengthy process preceding it. While the first step leading to a marriage – finding a suitable match for one’s offspring – has been taken off the parents hands to the marriage bureaus, the new fad in town is that of wedding planners. Not a new concept, yet still novel enough for wedding planners to demand large sums of money for their services. The planners take care of every little detail of the wedding extravaganza, ensuring the event is a breeze for family members, who are not bogged down by the troublesome intricacies of managing the function themselves.
From digging up choice locations for the function, which complement the theme chosen by the happy couple, to conjuring up relevant props and sets, bedecking the location with extravagant decorations, to initiating impromptu dance sessions (should a lull in the proceedings be felt) the wedding planner does it all. Ambrene, who got married seven years ago, when wedding planners were unheard of in Pakistan, employed the services of one to stunning effect: her wedding was a flawless affair. Fast forward to the present year and Fatima Aslam’s wedding, when wedding planners are the ‘in’ thing. As the service becomes increasingly commercialised, the quality of service offered is bound to suffer: after doling out money to the wedding planner, Fatima had expected to see her dream wedding materialise into reality, on an even grander scale. To her disappointment, the event was ordinary to the extreme. She now laments spending so much on procuring the services of a wedding planner, and feels she could have managed the event better herself. Thus, while these service seems like an easy way to delegate tasks, allowing the family to enjoy the proceedings, one needs to be wary of profiteers who are merely looking to dupe you with illusions of the perfect wedding – for a heavy price tag.

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