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Govt schools fail to make a mark

The Matriculation Result 2011 exposed the Punjab government’s claim of doing a lot for the promotion of education, as no government school student secured any position in the top 13 positions of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore.
Educationists and students said the Punjab government spent billions of rupees on government schools but their performance was poor compared to private sector schools, and results show that slogans of the Punjab government were hollow. Educationists and teachers said that the poor performance of government schools was not a surprise, as incompetent people were appointed as education secretaries, executive health officers (EDO) and education ministers. They said that in such circumstances, good results could not be achieved, as the Punjab government did not have any vision for education.
Eight educational boards of Punjab announced the Matric result on Tuesday and private sector schools clinched all positions. Private institutions, including the KIPS High School for Girls, Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, The Punjab School, Pakistan Model High School, Farooqi Girls High School or private students grabbed top positions while two autonomous schools, including the LDA Model Girls High School and Divisional Public Higher Secondary School for Girls also secured top positions.
The Punjab chief minister, in most of his speeches, says that education is his top priority and for this purpose, Danish Schools were opened in far-flung areas of the province on which billions of rupees have been spent. But the results paint a dismal picture. According to government school teacher Sofia Noureen, there was a time when government school students used to clinch top positions.
She said women teachers were working in a very awful environment and top officials were responsible for such circumstances. Sofia said that the Punjab CM had a good vision but education ministers and secretaries earned a bad name for the CM. The teacher said that top officials enjoyed suffering of teachers by inviting them to their offices and blackmailed women teachers and earned millions of rupees on the issue of transfers.
Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) President Allah Rakha Gujjar said that government schools did not have any facilities and a number of schools had issues such as the absence of boundary walls and toilets. He said that it was a tragedy that Punjab government claims that education is its top priority but on the other hand, government schools did not have any facilities without which was not possible to secure positions. Gujjar said that private sector schools had all facilities due to which its students grabbed all positions.
A school headmaster, seeking anonymity, said that actually the Punjab government considered teachers worse than lower-scale employees or watchmen. He said that most of the teachers’ time was wasted on polio and census duties due to which they could not give much time to government instructions. The headmaster said that the Punjab government was also responsible for students’ future.

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  1. Akbar Zaman via Facebook said:

    The government of Punjab is as incompetent as the one sitting in Islamabad. Neither of them cares two figs for what happens to the country’s education system or any other institution for that matter. This is a matter of shame, but do you really think that it’s a worrying fact for them? These upholders of democracy are just busy with increasing their bank balance and trying to perpetuate their term in office, through hook (or mainly by crook).

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