Nawaz doubts govt’s commitment to free judiciary

The government wants to use parliament as a shield against the judiciary to hide its corruption, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif said on Monday.
“By indulging in confrontation with the Supreme Court, the government is converting the country into a failed state,” Nawaz told reporters after chairing a PML-N parliamentary party meeting at the Parliament House. He said parliament did not belong to a single person and vowed that the PML-N would not allow the government to use parliament as a shield in clash with the judiciary. “The government has never really accepted an independent judiciary therefore it always adopts the path of confrontation with it which increases the country’s problems,” he said.
“Parliament should give its decision per dictates of its conscience and side with the judiciary for the cause of its independence … we are bringing a resolution for the independence of judiciary,” he announced. Nawaz said the members of the treasury benches should not become a tool against the judiciary. “The members of the coalition partners should also not become scapegoats for the corrupt government,” he said.To a question on the formation of new provinces, Nawaz said the government was not sincere in this regard. “The PML-N will support the formation of new provinces if these are made on proper administrative basis and not on linguistic grounds,” he said.
He said Pakistan was heading towards destruction with the government involved in corruption. Nawaz observed the country was currently faced with crises but the institutions were being pitted against each other for sake of personal interests.
On the issue of Sohail Ahmad, Nawaz said bureaucracy had set a glaring example by demonstrating protest by wearing black strips asking the bureaucracy to demonstrate same spirit of protests against dictators.
Meanwhile, expressing anger over the absence of PML-N parliamentarians from parliamentary party meeting, Nawaz asked Chief Whip Sheikh Aftab Ahmed to seek an explanation from those absent from the meeting.
Nawaz arrived at the meeting on time but was stunned to see only 70 of the 97 parliamentarians present in the crucial meeting.
A source told Pakistan Today that Nawaz, who had come to chair his parliamentary party meeting in the Parliament House after 12 years, directed all parliamentarians to remain in the capital and attend the complete session.

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  1. Shahid Malik said:

    Nawaz Sharif has no locus standi to talk about judiciary. We all know how he treated judiciary during his tenures. He went to the extent of physically attacking SC building and making the judges sitting in open court to run for their lives. Then Shahbaz Sharif & Rafiq Tarar were rushed to Quetta with brief cases of cash to buy brother judges of Syed Sajjad Ali Shah. When a frivolous order was obtained from them against Justice Sajjad, it was overturned by the later. But it was not the end of the story. His principled brother along with an illustrious ex-judge Rafiq Tarar went to Peshawar to buy a few more brother judges who overturned order passed by Justice Sajjad. Ultimately, Nawaz Sharif did manage to get Syed Sajjad Ali Shah removed unconstitutionally.

    The present CJP seems to be obsessed with PPP. All cases are taken up to embarass the government. Whereas, all cases against Nawaz Sharif and his cronies are in cold storage. Nawaz Sharif should stop instructing CJP from back channels regarding which cases to hear. He should openly come out & tell CJP to take up all corruption cases of all politicians, bracket them together and proceed simultaneously. This is the minimum service to the cause of independent judiciary which one can render.

    Alas, Nawaz Sharif will never do this. Corruption cases are always difficult to prove but he has so many bank loans to pay back which now amount to approx Rs 100 billion including interest. Then, what will he do with Asghar Khan petition where he received cash against receipt.

    • Aftab. K. Wilson said:

      Very few people know what took place during the dominant period of Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Co. It is good to note that people like you still remember exactly who is who. Yes it is true that the present CJ of SC is suffering from Zardari Phobia. It is simply target killings of few. This is perhaps the reason according to insiders that the present President was reluctant to reinstate the CJ and simply said "I don't want any Monkey siting on my shoulders".

  2. Z.I.Reheemullah said:

    NAWAZ SHARIF ; you are your own enemy of people.You choose wrong issues to focus:eg, only ‘judiciary or establishment etc’ and ignore day and night killings of poor people of karachi,300 killed in July by PPZ.MQM,ANP,MLC did not get one mention from you.The desired sky piercing exposure of PPP-Z,MQM,ANP,MLQ on horrendous corruption,butcheing mehangi,highest ever rising tariffs with no bijli,pani,,roti,chawal,kapra are not important for you and your party but grandiose issues of Judicial cases’.That is right but you do not stress on the obstruction of justice by President,Prime minister not in one but dozens of cases.You never objected to Aitzaz Ahsan exploiting for his personal and political gain by hijacking success of judicial struggle and putting in the basket of Benzir,Zardari (by saying that she wanted to hoist flag on his house) while Benzir-Zardari was busy in horrendous, treacherous anti nation n NRO deal and you were also caught in this ‘mumafti Zardari trap’ to ruin,loot,plunder bare and naked Pakistan,PSML,PIA,Railways,Electricity infrastructure,Ogra,OGDC,Wapda,Petroluem and gas corporations for billion dollars commission from rental units (for per unit bijli cost of RS 28?per unit and killing rs 1/per unit of Kala Bagh)putting country in 12-14 loadshedding,ruining industries, enslaving country to IMF,drones,UK,NATO,USA etc.PPPZ,MMQM,ANP,MMA,MLQ after ruining everything killing thousands in Karachi for billion dollars bathakhori still prove themselves innocent, never once one target killers was convicted, nor bathakhor nor ever SCP,.SHC took suo moto notice of it despite Zulfikar Mirza exposing criminals publicly probably for fear or coercion of government ,PPPZ,MQM,ANP being party to it.
    I would request Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan to put pressure on judiciary to convict the obstructers of justice even though it is President, Prime minister or any one for that matter and do not soften on them. They must punish their children under conviction if necessary honest investigation is obstructed. Please you both listen to sane voices from limbo who remind you daily to speak for 16.5 crore poor,safaidposh,pensioners from private sectors with no pensions or safety nets ruined by this ‘zalim hukmrans’.Listen to this voice to stop two trillion rupees of poor man tax money spent to create two crore vote bank for the worst ever corrupt government of PPP-Zardari.schemes as Benzir Income Support Fund ,Waseela Huk type schemes in PPP leadership names when not one penny is spent from Benazir,Zardari,Bakhtawar,Bilawal personel purses. Please get the millions of dollars spent on Print,electronic advertisements stopped.Only if PPP-leadership spends two trillion rupees to create 2 crore voters than it should spend money from their own pockets and starve 16.5 crore poor already ruined by PPPZ,MQM,ANP,MLQ with their jaws of deaths of the ‘guurrge ajals,wolves of death’ of poor all over country. When shall opposition learns from their mistakes of breaking them every day by Zardari Mumafti trap which is continuously laid to destroy opposition and weaken them,Imran,ML-N,JIP and others honest to core opposition parties have to unite to save Pakistan. Listen and start caring for the most honest sincere antonymous voices of many decades now.Keep your egos and arrogance behind =d you and bury it in dust or you will be buried in it.

  3. Pakistani said:

    The two comments speak volumes.Again the problem is he (Nawaz Sharif)cannot read.

  4. KAMAL HUSSEIN said:


  5. Aftab. K. Wilson said:

    Nawaz Sharif and Co is only supported by his henchmen in media houses. He should salute Mr. Zardari that he is still free and not behind the bars as he did with him and late Bibi. Judiciary in fact needs these used "Cartridges" because the present CJ is on a mission of selective targeting.

  6. rais said:

    Seems like PPP media wing is activly commenting here

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