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Model Colony without water for 6 days? KWSB points finger at KESC

Despite the assurance given by Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) to exempt Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) from load shedding, the citizens continued facing water shortage in several areas of the metropolis on Saturday, with the water utility officials laying the blame squarely on the power utility for not providing ‘enough’ electricity to the water pumping stations.
Although the KWSB owes the KESC over Rs 11 billion in outstanding dues, the water utility was assured uninterrupted power supply on the instructions of Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad on Friday. The governor had intervened in the matter to avert a water shortage crisis from aggravating during the approaching month of Ramazan.
On Saturday, however, the citizens were still faced with water shortages, with the KWSB blaming electricity fluctuations at pumping stations and unequal distribution of water as the major causes.
Reportedly, water pumps in numerous areas of the city have developed faults and stopped functioning while some others are facing power shortage, further adding to the misery of consumers.
The KWSB officials, instead of accepting their management failure, give different excuses to deceive the crises-hit masses while minting profits from the 22 private hydrant operators.
Model Colony, a densely-populated area in Malir, is a prime example of the dilly-dallying tale of KWSB where residents are facing an acute water shortage for the past one week.
The water supply lines and the underground tanks of houses in the locality have completely dried up; however, the KWSB’s water hydrant at Malir Halt is up and running with no interruption in water supply.
A resident of Street No 27, Model Colony informed Pakistan Today that during the scorching summer, there has been no water in the area for six days now and he has been compelled to bring buckets of water for his use from a mosque in the area.
A resident of Nishtarabad, Model Colony said the KWSB has made the area ‘Karbala battlefield’, where people were not being provided water.
“Let alone taking a bath, we have been deprived of even a glass of water to drink,” he said.
“It seems like the KWSB has given a chance to its water hydrant to mint money as a large water tanker costs Rs 1,500 while a small tanker costs Rs 800,” he added.
On contact, the KWSB officials blamed the KESC for not providing electricity as per the requirement. “The pumping stations throughout the metropolis are being affected due to prolonged power outages. The KWSB has even arranged generators to keep the pumping stations working.”
KWSB Chief Engineer (Malir) Imran Asif said the Model Colony is supplied water from the pumping station situated near Malir Cantt check post No 3. “A few days ago, the motors [at the pumping station] had stopped working but were repaired. However, for the past four days the pumping station has not been operating due to power outages, causing immense trouble for the consumers.”
Asif claimed that the KWSB Managing Director was personally looking into the matter, but declined to give a time frame when the problem would be resolved.

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