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Small, but human after all

“Buy one lawn suit and get a special discount on the other,” shouted a man with considerably short height with colorful lawn dupattas flowing down both his both arms, outside a cloth shop in Bhara Kahu Market, as he vied for the attention of customers. Sher Baz Khan, a 40 year old dwarf, has been assigned this job, due to being vertically challenged, which is believed to draw peoples’ attention.
Some of the passer-bys find Khan funny and stop to listen to him. “We dwarves are living worse lives than disabled people as at least the disabled gain the sympathy of people. No one sympathises with us, we are only made fun of,” he lamented.
Khan told Pakistan Today that he came from a family of six children, of which he and another sibling are dwarves while the rest are ‘normal’. “My four normal siblings are married and living happy lives, but one of my brother-in-laws does not allow my sister to come home as he is of the view that people will ridicule him for being related to dwarves,” he said sadly.
When dwarves like Khan go out in public places, people make fun of them as though they are nothing but objects of fun and do not have the right to live a normal life. When these poor fellows search for jobs, they are only offered jobs as salesmen or doormen at hotels. Furthermore, even for these jobs they are given very low incomes which are not at par with what other people earn for such jobs.
When Khan was asked how he manages his monthly budget, he said that he earned 5000 rupees. “The rent of my one roomed ‘house’ is 2000 rupees. You can imagine how difficult it is to make ends meet in the remaining 3000 rupees.”
Dwarves’ miseries don’t stop here as even the mention of their marriage invokes laughter and ridicule from their friends and relatives. Khan told Pakistan Today that both he and his dwarf sister remain unmarried despite being of advanced ages as they couldn’t find any matches. “Whenever I talk about my marriage everyone makes fun of me and tells me that I am not fit for it, and that nobody would marry their daughter to me,” he said. “I am trying to l find a dwarf bride but my friends warned me that this would result in my children being dwarves as well. I don’t know what to do!”
Khan’s only friend is his dwarf sister, and he shares all his problems with her. “Why did God makes us like this? No one treat us like human beings, I feel very disappointed when people come to the shop and I smile at them and they reply with sarcastic stares,” he said and started weeping as he was called back by the shopkeeper to do some cleaning work.

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