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USAID to assist Pakistan in saving 1000MW electricity

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched Tube-well Efficiency Improvement Programme (TWEIP) that can save about 1000 MW electricity in Pakistan. USAID is providing 50 per cent financial assistance to replace highly inefficient irrigation tube-well motor-pumps with more energy efficient motor-pumps to reduce demand and save energy.
USAID’s Acting Deputy Director John Morgan while launching the public campaign for TWEIP project for Agriculture sector here today said that the campaign is sponsored by the US Government as part of its commitment to support Pakistan’s energy sector. John Morgan said about 230,000 tube-well pumps in Pakistan are connected to the national power grid and consume 10 percent of electricity. He said, “Most of these pumps are highly inefficient and if all of those pumps are replaced, Pakistan can save approximately 1,000 MW of electricity.” This would significantly reduce energy shortages in the country, he added.
He said Pakistan is the world’s fourth largest user of ground water for irrigation. The agriculture sector is the third largest consumer of energy in Pakistan and tubewell pump sets are a major component of this demand for electricity, he added. USAID, is initially sponsoring replacement of 11,000 inefficient pumps that will save 45 MW of electricity and the project will continue according to the demands and needs of the farmers. He said that US commitment to help the energy sector was affirmed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in October 2009 during her visit to Pakistan, when she announced a number of new energy programmes. John Morgan said through these programmes the US Government is now working with Pakistan to reduce energy transmission losses, improve energy production, and increase efficiency.
He said US energy assistance includes a number of programmes that will increase energy production capacity by approximately 600 MW. He said it is Pakistan’s first ever energy efficiency campaign for agricultural sector. “The campaign will inform farmers around the country how they can help reduce energy use and how they can save costs for themselves,” he added. John Plunger, Chief of the project said that six leading and ISO certified motor-pump suppliers companies have been engaged for the project in which USAID will provide 50 per cent subsidy. This would reduce the electricity bill of the farmers by 20 to 30 per cent. He added a call center has been established in Lahore and the procedure for replacement of motor pumps has been simplified for farmers. The farmers just have to call the center in Lahore on the following number 111-749-260.
For convenience of the farmers the programme is also accompanied by a nationwide media campaign including radio, TV advertisements, docudrama, wall paintings, brochures, kiosks, shop sign plates and utility bill advertisement to publicise TWEIP. A well placed audit system has been introduced to ensure accountability of the project. So far 7,010 farmers have shown interest for this project including 2,557 who have deposited Rs1,500 as initial payment. Energy audit teams have conducted 5,565 energy audits and audit work for 3,819 had been completed at the end of June 2011. Furthermore 703 have made payments and 628 motor-pumps sets have been installed while other applications are in process.

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    This product needs to be marketed through personalities and events that are appreciated by the rural class. Local melaas, dangal etc would be a much better option rather than docudranas and wall paintings.

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    Best for Pakistan to give this generosity a miss. We don't need more cowboy gun slinging CIA agents under the garb of consultants running amok in Pakistan.

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