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Khawaja Nadeem hails PTT report

Lahore City Cricket Association President Khawaja Nadeem has welcomed the International Cricket Council (ICC) Task Team’s recommendations in which they asked to strengthen the regional associations. He also expressed his readiness to work for the strengthening of cricket at the grass root level. Among the 63 recommendations made by the ICC Task Team, some of them want changes in the board in the selection process from top to bottom while the regional bodies will be given more rights in the decision-making. “Regional bodies should be empowered to manage their affairs and given more say in the decision-making of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) itself,” Pakistan Task Team (PTT) recommended. Kh Nadeem however, believes that the recommendation made by the PTT is one of the most important aspects in the development of the game in the country. “The requirement is to invest at the grassroots level and need a significant improvement at the club level cricket – which is the actual nursery for the cricketers,” Nadeem said. He also welcomed the PCB contract system for regional players. “By offering contract, the PCB has attracted players to the game and it is a positive step,” he said. “All we need is proper support from the corporate sector and broaden the regional horizon by different means,” he maintained.

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