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Charged-up PML-N workers swarm Convention Center

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) geared up its political activities in the federal capital when thousands of party workers reached the Convention Centre to attend the party’s Central General Council meeting on Wednesday. As PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif was elected party chief unopposed, over four thousand PML-N workers from across the country chanted slogans in his favour. Around 500 security personnel from different departments, including Punjab police, elite force and Islamabad police, were deployed in and around the Convention Centre to prevent untoward incidents. Police Spokesman Naeem told Pakistan Today that the Quick Response Unit (QRS), the bomb disposal squad and lady police were also deployed to ensure complete security for the PML-N election. In addition, hundreds of Muslim Students Federation (MSF) activists also assisted the security forces.
All the roads leading to the Convention Centre displayed posters of the PML-N chief and banners bearing PML-N party slogans. Commuters faced many problems due to a traffic jam created by hundreds of cars which were parked on Muree Road and the greenbelts of the Convention Centre.
Inside the Convention Center, every province had its own voters list, which was divided into different sections. Long queues were seen at the Punjab section, but the Balochistan and Sindh sections looked deserted as only a few party workers from both provinces turned up. The situation at the AJK section was similar as just 80 people had come from this area. Although party workers knew that no other person had filed his nomination papers for the slot of PML-N president and Nawaz Sharif would be elected unopposed, most of them had just come to listen to the address of their chief who, according to them, can save Pakistan. “I have nothing to do with the election, I have just come here to have a glimpse of my leader,” said Noman Butt, a young activist of PML-N. Talking to Pakistan Today, he said: “I have got a chance to see Mian Sahib for the first time in my life. My whole family is supporter of PML-N.” The hall of the Convention Centre was full of the PML-N workers who were holding flags of Pakistan and chanting slogans in favor of their leader. There was a great hustle bustle on the premises of the building. Different national songs were played. Awards were also given to the young students affiliated with PML-N for their services for the party. Many youngsters were determined to make sacrifices for their party. They said Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif were better than other leaders of the country. However, some workers expressed annoyance over the arrangements of the meeting as they had to pay Rs 100 to attend the gathering. “It is a great injustice to poor workers,” said Anjum Iqbal, an MSF leader. Various PML-N lawmakers delivered speeches levelling allegations against the present rulers. All the party leaders vowed to solve the workers’ problems.

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