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Quaid-e-Azam House Museum to be renovated

The Quaid-e-Azam House Museum, located at the junction of Shahrah-e-Faisal and Fatima Jinnah Road in Karachi, would be renovated and conserved, the participants meeting of the Sindh Cultural Heritage Committee decided on Tuesday. They also agreed to start preservation work on the tombs of Mirza Jani Baig and Diwan Shurafa Khan and the historical mosque located within the premises of Dargah Hazrat Shah Fuzail in Makli.
Presiding over the meeting, Chief Secretary Sindh Raja Muhammad Abbas said that there is a need to evolve a system for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage in accordance with the legal framework. The participants also considered measures for expeditious action on the decisions of the committee. Eminent architects Arif Hassan, Suhail Kalhoro, Dr Prof Aneela Naim, and Culture Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili were among those who present on the occasion.

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