Prices of dates increased ahead of Ramazan | Pakistan Today

Prices of dates increased ahead of Ramazan

The prices of dates have reportedly been in the markets of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad ahead of Ramazan.
The quality dates are being sold at Rs. 200 per kilogram this time, a consumer of the commodity said, adding that the authorities should stop this rise in the prices of edible items, especially those to be used during the holy month of Ramazan.
The price of the commodity was at Rs. 120-130 per kg, but due to its rising demand during the fast-approaching Ramazan, the shopkeepers have started fleecing the public and generating large profits.
People have appealed to the authorities to take notice of the situation and take steps for maintaining prices of dates and other commodities at a reasonable level during the month of Ramazan.

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