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Pakistan Army and HFIP carry out seeds broadcast

Pakistan Army and Houbara Foundation International Pakistan jointly broadcasted seeds of desert plants over the Cholistan Desert in the 14th consecutive year. “Habitat Restoration” is an annual activity of Houbara Foundation since 1998 in which Pakistan Army is a major partner and provides a light aircraft to the Foundation every year for the project.
Cholistan Desert is the prime wintering habitat of the Houbara Bustard which migrates to Pakistan from breeding grounds in Central Asia, in search of food every year in the winters. Expansion of cultivation, increased human activity, destruction of vegetation by overgrazing and collection of wood by local communities have degraded this habitat.
Houbara Foundation International Pakistan which is working for conservation of the Houbara Bustard undertook to reinforce the diminishing vegetation through aerial broadcast of seeds of desert plants. 134.5 kg seeds of houbara’s favourite food plants have been broadcast bringing the total seeds broadcast over the last 14 years to 1,212.07 kg. Monitoring of the habitat has shown encouraging results from seeds broadcast earlier, and higher yields are expected as the work goes on.

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