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I-8 tubewells have gone dry!

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) had installed 15 tubewells in sector I/8, about half of which are presently either out of order or not working properly. Pakistan Today has learnt that the cash strapped CDA has so far failed to find any solutions to the issue due to shortage of funds
A source in the CDA told Pakistan Today that the Water Management Department of the body was responsible for the maintenance of the tubewells. He said that despite spending a lot of money on the reparation of the dysfunctional tube-wells, the concerned officials of the water management department could not arrange a permanent solution. The source added that this failure has created a dilemma for the residents of sector I/8 as tube-wells are their main source of water.
An official of the CDA explained that several tube-wells, including tube-wells number 205, 206, 207 and 208 are not properly functional and could not provide enough water. He also pointed out that the tube well number 206 has been built below the road level due to which its motor becomes dysfunctional after almost every rain.
The official added that power outages have also damaged the machinery of tube wells, and that CDA had paid Rs6.3 million to IESCO for the ‘Express Feeders’ plan, which would enable the CDA to run 25 tube wells around the clock, but IESCO has not paid any attention to the project yet. He further said that CDA had also installed a tube-well in street no 33 of sector I/8-2, which was intended to provide water to sub-sectors I/8-2, I/8-3 and I/8-4, but the said tube-well has not been functional even after the lapse of six months, owing to lack of funds. The official also pointed out that shortage of staff in the water management department has created hurdles in development works as it becomes difficult to inspect all the tube-wells on regular basis. He said that many individuals have been carrying multiple posts due to understaffing, for example, sub-engineer Naveed who is working as Assistant Director in production-1 is also serving in Production-11, as well as dealing with several other cases of water management.
The situation of other tube-wells in the federal capital is also not up to the mark either, as according to sources, there are 189 tube wells that supply water to the city, out of which 24 are not working while the remaining provide 29 million gallons of water. Sources revealed to Pakistan Today that the daily water requirement of residents of Islamabad is more than 150 million gallons, but only 56 million gallons of water is made available to citizens.

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